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The Thirty Days of Magrat (part twelve)

Magrat had a chance to demonstrate this supposed ‘edge’ a couple of days later when Maisie had insisted the teenager join her in helping with one of the head nurse’s new duties at the school.

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Chez Spivey, just around 7:30

Joe had been pacing the hall for about ten minutes. Well for Joe it was one cigar and onto the next. 

"Ain't you ready yet?!"

Kirsten's voice drifted out if the bedroom "Just a minute. Archie and Harvey are only four doors down Joe."

Silja smirked at Joe's pacing. "It is good to be 'fashionably late' you know."

Joe's replied with a stern raised eyebrow. Silja just poked her tongue out in return. Uwe did his best not to snort.

"Yer, an' you two just concentrate on Anni. And nevermind any 'goings on', right?"


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The Thirty Days of Magrat (part eleven)

Magrat was unusually quiet for the rest of the morning, so much so that Maisie spoke to Doctor Troy about it when she returned from her own rounds at midday. At lunch, Maisie hung the ‘At Lunch’ sign on the clinic’s main door and the doctor took Magrat into the vacant treatment room where they sat next to each other with the treatment room table once again doubling as a dining table.

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The Thirty Days of Magrat (part ten)

Amy froze for a moment and then slowly released Magrat. She sank back onto the bed, pushing herself backwards while staring at Magrat with eyes that had seen, and were now remembering, too much.

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The Thirty Days of Magrat (part nine)

If Magrat had been expecting a dark and dingy sick ward packed with groaning and sighing people close to death, then we can hope that she would have been pleasantly surprised by what greeted her as she and the head nurse stepped away from the top of the stairs.

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The Thirty Days of Magrat (part eight)

Once Magrat’s breathing had returned to normal and she could unclench her fingers, Maisie went through notes of the people they were going to see with her. Some of the cases, most in fact, were what any medically trained person would call business as usual. A couple of them, however, even when couched in sanitised medical terminology, showed a disturbing story in the patient’s recent past.

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The Thirty Days of Magrat (part seven)

“Seriously? This is what you want me to wear?”

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The Watchers

Luka pulled down the purple cloth from the window, more a hole than a window, in the New Flagstaff lab upstair storeroom to bring in light and then suddenly leapt back with a fright from the face staring in.

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The Thirty Days of Magrat (part six)

Seeing any more patients now, with all the glass on the floor, was out of the question. Maisie had no choice but to go through to the waiting room and, after jokingly checking none of the four people there was dying, she asked everyone to come back in the afternoon.

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The Thirty days of Magrat (part five)

Magrat returned to the treatment room followed by the man who had been sitting next to Evan Stanton. He was walking slowly and holding his side in apparent discomfort. She directed him to sit on the vacant chair and he did so slowly, grimacing all the while. Magrat passed a handful of patients’ folders to Maisie.

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The Thirty Days of Magrat (part four)

Magrat returned with the bandaged boy from the waiting room. Maisie wasted no time on pleasantries but got down to business by pointing to the chair recently vacated by Winnie Barrow.


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The Thirty Days of Magrat (part three)

Maisie watched Magrat help Winnie out of her loose-fitting jacket and then the equally loose-fitting man’s shirt she wore underneath. The girl’s care and gentleness were immediately apparent but Maisie was tensely poised to take over, just in case.

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The Thirty Days Of Magrat (part two)

Magrat held the mop awkwardly. Back in the camp, there wasn’t much call for mops. Lots of mud and grass but not many floors.

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Pipeline. Vivien's Story (cont.)





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Refugee - Vivien's Story




The so-called road had steepened somewhat since it left Pass Chris, broken asphalt threatened to turn the unsuspecting ankle of the unwary as the crocodile of refugees made their way up to the gaping tunnel mouth just visible ahead as the road turned.


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Little Girl Lost - DreamCrafting

I'm dreamin' and I know this cuz trees aint made out of squares and last time I punched one it made my hand hurt instead of giving me a wood block while the rest of it hung in the air, not to mention that green thing with the frozen scream face that already blowed me up twice since I been here.  

Whats weird about this dream is the cloning pod, no lifenet bunker but just by its self on a little hill surrounded by pretty square flowers. Never seen that many flowers at one time back in ...where ever I was before this. 

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Evening, All.

The townsfolk had gathered, their voices flooding the school hall as they waited for

the event to begin. Shadow noted the confusion and alarm painted on some of their

faces, anxious as to the reason he of all people should be making any sort of

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The Thirty Days of Magrat

Magrat shared a hard stare with her nemesis. Her nemesis, however, chose to stare back, but with the added weight of years of giving unrepressed attitude, it was Magrat who blinked first.

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This Woman's Work Part 6


Hyle had certainly come through for him, convincing Jess that her help wouldn't see her thrust out of town

as she feared. As an added bonus, it seemed that little discussion eased the tension between the pair of

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Sight for sore ears

He looked down the gun sights again toward the inn door. Yes, this was the ideal position. Here he was hidden, but he had a direct view to the door where his target would leave the inn. Who would have thought a grassy knoll would be such a perfect place for a sniper?

He removed a bullet from a jacket pocket and placed it in the gun. He then put the gun back into position and checked the sight again. Perfect.

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The knocking only stopped when Tuki, still holding a slice of toast, opened the front door. It was Jonas Barret.

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What is in the box?

Veronica looked at the box. The repair was good. Already she had tested it, almost it was ready, Only a few parts to change to finish the repair. Shadow was right, Hyle will like it greatly. Veronica will soon return it to Shadow so he can give his gift to Hyle.

She put her hands on the box ready to lift the lid. ‘Almost ready,’ she said. ‘What did you say it is?’ a voice behind her said. She turned around to where Das, Fenster, and…. ‘Where is Brett?’ she asked. ‘He went to the Medic,’ Fenster said.

‘Again?’ Veronica asked. ‘Was there another accident?’

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No World for Old Bean Counters.


Four percent.”


Wesley Drayton had cleared his throat before speaking and felt compelled to clear it again as the cold stare coming from the other side of Mayor Hyle Troy’s desk increased the discomfort he felt. The Head of Accounts for Hope Springs watched as Mayor Troy’s right eyebrow raised. Drayton shuffled in the chair.

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Of Nannies and Nurses

It was early morning, that happy time just before the first patients of the day started to arrive. Dr. Tukiko Troy and Nurse Maisie were in the treatment room. It was especially happy because just for today, Tukiko would be entrusting the care of the Devil’s Own northern camp to another. This was to be a trial and Tuki was crossing everything that it would be a success.

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Halloween Fantasy (part 75)

Even before the cataclysmic event known as ‘The Fall’, military trucks had long been built along the lines of robustness, reliability and cost effectiveness. Comfort was never much of a factor back then and the intervening hundreds of years has done absolutely nothing to change this.

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Finding the lost. (part 3)

Taiyo sat listening to Canni breath.  It was deep and steady indicating she was in full REM sleep.  Something triggered a primal sense, causing Taiyo to open her eyes.  A tall, dark haired woman stood in the door.  Tayio was impressed with the woman’s skill, and noted to try to find out more about her and where she was trained.

Standing slowly and placing her hands behind her back, Taiyo addressed the stranger.  “Greetings. Please do not disturb the youth, as she need time to recover enough to be moved.  Please indicate if you mean harm or not to her.”

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Halloween fantasy (part 74)

Bodil and Victor left Lieutenant Hawthorn’s office some minutes later. They walked through the maze of busy corridors in silence for a few seconds before Victor spoke.

“I think that went quite well.”


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