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Zero Locus, replacing The Shop

As Starch has already informed you of in an earlier thread, The Shop has been closed down. 

The clan that now stands as its replacement is Zero Locus, a caravan of travelling fighters, fixers and traders. We're looking forward to cutting a new slice from the RP cake, and we hope to see you all out there! On the roads!

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Damaged goods.


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Just a thanks.

Just a post thanking Saints Incorporated for a good evening. I walked into an event in Flag, that I had no idea how it was going down, and so wenty with the flow. Was made to feel welcome and had a good time, as I have not had much opportunity for much rp with everything I have been doing of late. So thanks guys and nice to get into some IC chat with you. Hope to meet up with you for socials again.

Junkjack Jones.

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FE in-game item store.

Hey guys,

For those of you that don’t know Icarus has just opened an In-game items for real $ store. (Linky)

My house

As mentioned yesterday in our Happyness thread - my and my wife just bought a house. Or rather, we bought a house a month or so back - but we first got the keys yesterday.

it is a bit of a strange feeling having moved around for the last 14-15 years. And in each of the 5-6 different countries we have been living/working, we always have been renting a place to live, to suddenly have.... something. That is all your own. Like, my house.

3pm EST Live Storyline event v. Devs/GMs

The Outsiders have been in Los Alamos/Office Park for a few days now, and they are expected back, planning mischief to wipe out the current population of the Grand Canyon area, especially clones.

Help fight back against them. Stop them flooding the province.


NB. This event seems to be in 2 parts on Thursday 10th, one starting at 3pm EST, the 2nd at 8pm EST.


Taken from these threads:



9pm EST Thurs Invicta Bike Rally at Flagstaff

At Beauville's Tavern on the southeastern edge of Flagstaff ( 4515005 / 5495501 ).

Music from Invicta Radio played by DJ Reaper: http://www.ordoinvicta.com/home/invicta-radio

Come join us for good drinks, friendship, "Breakball" or other silly games, gambling, more drinks, dancing, trading, and to just take a break from the waste!

As this is hosted by a Chota-led clan, Enforcers may feel unwelcome from time to time. (All strictly IC, as all Invicta events are :) )


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The life of the Widd


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A new clan is been creating to replace THE SHOP

As Title says "A new clan is been creating to replace THE SHOP". After lengthy disscusion in THE SHOP clan, we decide to create a new clan. Dion Zemoch is the current leader.

5pm EST Grand Bazaar/Craft Market

5-9pm EST Saturday 19th June (2-6pm PST, 9pm-1am GMT, 10pm-2am UK time, 11pm-3am EU time)

Taken from this thread: http://forums.fallenearth.com/fallenearth/showthread.php?p=512702#post51...

Please reply to that thread when/if you know you are going so they can organise the space, or if you have ideas for competitions, etc. to do alongside the buying and selling.


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Morning Light


It was nearly dawn, the sun just nearing the horizon as the sky moved from pitch black to ever lighter shades of blue. Sarah figured it was only about another twenty minutes or so before the sun would finally make its appearance. The man in front of her fended off a coughing fit as the two of them made their way up the gravel road into town.

“You ok Mathis?” she asked, pulling alongside now.
“Never better.” He said sarcastically, “You know, you’d think, by you know, definition, that a desert would be a nice, warm, maybe slightly hot place.”

The Musings of Miss Dustyne Rush


The safehouse Dustyne had been taken to was quite, when she woke up Wolf and Blue had fallen asleep. As she sat up from her resting place on the tile floor she shivered, her clothes still damp from the shower she had taken, tossing them on rather than use something to dry off with. As she tiptoed down the stairs she slipped her duster on, making her way down to the garage. Knowing her owners canter, Old Bestie lifted her head, whinnying as she stood. "I'll getcha fed when we getta New Flagstaff kay boo?

New Posts?

For some reason I only see new posts when I look directly into forum sections, I can,t see if there are new posts within a section by simply looking at the Forum as a whole. Well.. I couldn't today, anyway. I think I could at some point. But not always and not everywhere. Kinda weird.

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Fast Travel now on the PTS!

Rejoice! Fast travel is on the PTS. A few notes on the system. You need to first do a short pre-quest, the Trader's Flat one involves a group of veteran mobs but it's not impossible. The quests themselves take all of five minutes to do. A couple of quick facts on the system not mentioned in the patch notes. Just in case the text is confusing they do work both ways, and the cost scales depending on where you want to go, but it seems to be at a max of 10 blue for the moment. Also make sure to park your mount before you travel or you won't be able to pull out a new mount at your destination.

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The Saints Incorporated Flyer

A flyer can be found hanging around each town in the Province. The print is good ink on decent paper. If/when torn down, someone seems to replace it later that day.

Saints Incorporated

We at Saints Incorporated are devoted to inspiring the one thing that's the hardest to find out there in this big, harsh world.

What is the number one scarcest product in the wastes?

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( Reavers ) Recruiting thread.

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There seemes to be an unmarked character maximum for personal Signatures. I attempted to bring my Signature from the Fallen Earth Offical Forums over (below) and it cut off at the P in the first line. It also appears that links count toward the character maximum as well.

Is there any way we'd be able to get the maximum increased significantly? I understand wanting to keep signatures small, but I figure we should be able to occupy as much space with text as some (Draxen, I'm looking at you!) do with their pictures.

If I'm just doing something wrong, please let me know.

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I think this thread would fit better here in general.

Using this avenue to try and come to a conclusion in terms of Direction for Junkjack and wrap my head around faction issues ingame verses jacks place in FE.

Basically Junkjack (Jack) is a Crafter/melee char and is my first character created on FE, though I have alts in the wings.

RP clan list

I see more roleplayers asking about rp clans.

Off the top of my head, here is a very basic list, undoubtedly missing some:

Le Sanctuaire are Vista/Lightbearer, French speakers

Leader, Hail Mary


7th Cavalry Regiment are Enforcer/Lightbearer/Tech

Leader: Redneck Hillbilly

Officers: Able Teller and Rick Harrow


FDC are Enforcer/Lightbearer/Tech

Leader: Carleen Devine

Officer: John Gardner


Fall of the Legends are Enforcer RP/PvP

Leader: Sassa Daisakka

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How Far is Too Far?


The title of this thread is a question that has plagued me ever since my first days as a Roleplayer. It's a question I've wanted to ask in several other roleplay communities but have always shied  away from it due to not wanting to offend people or make it seem like I was calling anyone out. Here I figure we've got a more mature crowd and people will take this for what it is, an iquiry, a probing of the collective mind.

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Gunsmith's Gallery

Seeing as it turns out the official Gallery does a horrid job of resampling images, I'm going to post a few here, lemme know what you think and I might cook up a few more.

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Contact info.

Put yer contact info here so I can bug you all day when it's slow :)


Email: Damas_swg@hotmail.com

YIM: Damas_swg

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Fail of the day thread

I stole this idea from another site I go too. This is where ya come to vent about anything and everything that is sucky :) :)

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Happiness of the day thread

I stole this idea from another site I go too. Put down all the great things that are going on in your life that you wish to share with your fellow RPers :)

9pm EST Invicta Bike Rally at Flagstaff

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Formating Help

Ok, i need someone's help who really knows the ins and outs of this style of board.  Copy/pasting my stuff from Word to here is becoming a huge pain in the butt when i keep having to try and figure out why it makes that messy code cluster.  I know the "cleanup messy code"  brush icon but it doesn't seem to help half the time.  I still have to go in and delete the mess and hope that will allow it all to post.  Any hints or tips or am i just going to have to start typing the journal entries straight in here?


Thanks yall

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Henerkin's Road Logboook


((This is going to be Henerkin's background and log book. This is gonna be pretty chaotic, sometimes in third person, sometimes in first person and some post might appear in between other posts on the way, as I remember things that I want to put in here. So fasten your seat belt, hang on tight, cause I break for no one.  PS: I know, my English sucks, but at least I try :P))

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Site Introduction Typo

In the Introduction Block of the Front Page, the text reads: "for ideas on roleplaying in WoW." Probably just a carry over from an old site, but still. This is Fallen Earth!

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Suggestions for forum topics

Heya, just some thoughts on the new forums. I like the General Discussion section of the forums so far, but would it also be possible to create an 'In Character' and 'Out of Character' sections of the forums like on the old site as well? If that is perceived to jumble things up too much I totally understand, I just thought it might help people to find information they're looking for without maybe having to sift through unrelated posts?


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