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In need of a new..uhh..what do they call them? Friend?



Hello, I am sure some of you heard of me, well I need a new talkie thingy, it seems Reaper's schedule has left me alone at most days and i need a new talky-talk Friend-slave thingy that i can talk to on game.

New roleplayer availiable for RP slot



alright... so i'm new to this site, and have been playing FE for about six months, my main is level 11 (i know, low level for such a large amount of game time,  but i focus my attention more on exploration and roleplay).  i've been coming various towns trying to see if i can find any fellow roleplayers, but it seems that is very unlikely to yeild results.  all you need to know about my character is on my profile, so you can either shoot me a message here or in game.

((sorry if this is in the wrong section, i didn't quite know where to post it.))

Ohai there


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A Chota Ophan, raised by Vista Researchers available for RPing (WIP)

(Using Zach Zero Chance stat Template, the template credit goes to him)


Name:  Nina Slave

Level: 31 (Currently levelling up so this changes almost daily) 

Current AP:

Faction:  Vista

Class: Melee, Prefers Swords.

Mutations: Primal and Empathic. 

Stats:  Intelligence, Endurance, Strength, Coordination,

Skills:  Armor Use, Dodge, Melee, First AId,

Minor Skill: Altheteics

Tradeskills: Medicine, Science, Weaponary, Cooking, Armorcraft, Geology, Nature

So where are the rp hotspots?

So aside from the awesome looking vehicle caravan event every week, where are the rp 'hotspots' out there? This wasteland is a big place, it'd be great to know where I can at least have a chance of finding some other RPers to meet!

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Theory, Meet Practice


((Author's note: Chronologically this story takes a week before Fallen Earth's launch day. The story opens with Sarah wandering around Plateau a few hours after the Cafe of Broken Dreams, her home, burnt down.))


How 'Green' Can You Go?

Basically a question to my fellow Vista/CHOTA out there, just how 'green' can tech be in this world? I mean obviously we're not gonna have solar cars and zany stuff like that, but can it be reasonably said a character uses a fuel mix that is at least cleaner then pure gas? Same with weapons and armor and all, I haven't seen many high level folks but right now Drua has a crossbow and a pickaxe for her weapons and is covered in cloth and leather.

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1.6 Now with more Vrooom!

Interested in racing? A new little undocumented change on the PTS for the upcomming 1.6 patch has a new "fourth gear" for most vehicles. This new speed setting only becomes active currently under the following conditions: The vehicle must be on a road, and  the vehicle must be outside a certain radius of the nearest town or PVP zone. If you stray for more than a few seconds from the road, you lose the speed boost.

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Broken Memories Finale: Vengeance/Endgame


Date: July 22, 2156

Location: Currently a motel room in Credit Bend


A Brief Greeting...


Greetings all,


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Fallen Earth Invades Deviant Art!

Howdy All.  Since there are quit a few of us folks in Invicta who render, one of our lovely members decided to create a Fallen Earth group on the Deviant Art site.  If you love art, have art to contribute or just want to see what everyone's concept of their characters and rp looks like, we encourage you come over and join.  Deviant art is free and you do have to create an account to see anything rated mature.  We encourage participation!!  Love to draw and have some images you'd like to post, submit them!  Love to write and have some pieces of literature you'd love to share, submit it!  Ple

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Broken Memories Part 2: The Beginning of The End


((Warning: Contains a bit of descriptive torture))

Date: June 29th, 2156


Drua's Recordings 1: Outward Bound


((Might as well start this now, knowing me I'm going to make a ton of these whenever I get bored! This is Drua's personal journal kept on a tape recorder in her bag, pretty much like any other IC journal here it's OOC unless somehow she lets you hear it or what have you. Comments more then welcome, pretty much anything but 'oh man you suck stop writing now you failure' is helpful!))


Looking for some company in the wastelands.


Hi all,

It wasn't so long ago that I was following this game while it was still in beta but only a few weeks before it was released some friends of mine manages to lure me away and I started to play AION. But as most thing go I was losing my interest in AION and while looking for some news on the net for new upcomming MMO's I saw a link of fallen earth and thought, why no try it.

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Ponderances of Alicia (entry 12)



Due to unforseen consequences...

I decided to make different user accounts for each of my characters. It seems there isnt enough information to put down for multiple characters that I rp with, or will RP with (Im known to RP with as eight different characters of varying personalities and interests, as well as views.)

Consider this account useless.



Oh and surprise, my current alt list will probably be changed at the course of the week. So that way no one knows who is what and what is which. Lots of loves.

New and Eager to get Social!

Hey all, glad to see I'm not the only RPer in FE!


I got the game a while back but left for a bit. The state of the game brought me over, though, I figured it was worth sticking around to see how it grows and all. I'm a long time RPer, pretty much every game I play I roleplay in and...yeesh I've played a bunch of games!

I'm super glad to see a pretty good post apoc game that's not single player, so hopefully I can get in with the RPers and get the most out of this game.


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Goodbye Friends. . .


Well, after much thought I have unsubscribed from FE.

 I've done everything there is to do in the game and I really don't see it going anywhere anytime soon.  The directions I do see it going, I don't care for.    I can't justify the expense anymore.  Maybe if I had a better job or something, but as things currently are, it's just not worth it.

I'm going to miss all of you greatly and maybe at some point maybe I'll come back.  If not, I will certainly be looking for you when Fallout Online comes along. 

Fourth Transmission, By Dayna Mott


<Another handheld playback device? This woman sure knows how to lose her equipment. The thing has a large play button. As soon as it is pressed The woman appears on the screen, this time she is wearing a Beret, Safety Goggles, A jacket with some plates for armor protecting her chest, mostly her bust, Black slacks, and black shoes As well as some black rubber gloves. The weapons she wore where simple; two 9mm berettas and a sharp ended palisade on the floor. The background is that of a dark steel laboratory like those found in the wastelands.

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Welcome to the Families - A Reflection



Dingy motel room, Credit Bend, Sector 2



Third Transmission, By Dayna Mott


<You come upon an old video device with its own screen and battery power. you hit the huge play button and the screen comes to life, in the video was a woman with no hair n her head, dark eyes, and markings along her face, she was wearing a brown duster with black cowboy pants. She had a large gash on her left eye from some accident.>

This is Dayna Mott, I am here to report that the mutant breeding was unsucessful and project was terminated, due to recent events i have decided to go the militaristic route of my research..

This includes shielding, advanced biological weaponry, advanced armor designs, and genetic mutations.

I would like all techs who recieve this transmission, to join me in the R&D of certain weepons that challenge even the morality of combat.

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Communication in the Wasteland

Just throwing this out there to get a feel for what the general consensus on communications in the wasteland might be.

Are /whispers just OOC or can they be treated like radio communication? If long distance communication is possible, is it assumed that our characters are making use of walkie talkies like you get temporary use of in Clinton FARM, or is it something built into clone collars? Maybe a mix of the two? I recall that a lot of folks ignore their collars and RP being 'one lifers', so they'd need the handheld radios regardless.

Hello! New Blood

((All OOC))


Hello, I'm Viraemia! Brand new to FE and so far it's the only thing that has broken my current gamelock after the recent let down of APB.

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Ponderances of Alicia (entry 11)


((Greetings and salutations! My toon is Alicia Trabeal and this is her handwritten IC journal.  That said, you are reading it OOC; unless it is found IC and I have expressly directed you here.  If you have any questions or comments about it, please send me a private missive, I welcome them.)) 


Siberians leaving town for good..

hate to say this but i'm unsubbing from FE, and gunna wait for Fallout online i guess..


the latest SOTG, and that bloody new chicken mount have broken the back of this old camel.. 1 to many straws i guess..


i've been trying to overlook alot of whats been happening in FE since launch or should i say lack of whats been happening. but these last 2 news items are simply beyond my scope of what im willing to overlook and continue to pay for..


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A couple of weeks off!

Well, my vacation time from work starts on Friday- which, coincidentally, is my renewal date for FE. So, knowing I'll not be inside to play until the end of the month, I'll let it expire and then pick back up the first of July. Why pay for 2 weeks of time I won't use? That $15 will buy a bunch of first aid kit :D

See you guys when I'm back to the drudgery of work and going home in the evenings.

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Echoes of Memory - 4


((Written to 'Timebomb' by Beck.))

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Echoes of Memory - 3


((Written to 'I Could Die For You' by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.))

She triumphantly tugs a makeshift wrench from the assortment of cobbled tools she's been sifting through, satisfaction evident on her grease-smudged features as she flits away from the countertop to glance down at the seemingly haphazard arrangement of schematics draped over a nearby table.

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Human League Dossier: Mikayla Vay


>>Welcome to the Clone Surveillance Database, version 5.1.4



>>Enter Command String




>>Loading File…



So after a prolonged existence on LSRP I've come to fallen earth to indulge in what I believe could be some very nifty roleplay.

My guy's called Nikolai Koslov, thirty-something wasteland scavenger of Russian origin. A shit S.T.A.L.K.E.R essentially. 

I was considering joining a faction for a while but I decided my character seemed a bit too independent to fit in with the likes of Zero Locus or Saints Inc.

But if anybody wants to come roleplay with me I can promise entertainment at Niko's camp between Embry Commons and Oilville by the empty trailers.


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