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Echoes of Memory - 10


((Written to 'This Year's Love' by David Gray.))

Druuna is leaning back against her motorcycle beside the glowing campfire, snuggling into her pack for a bit of cushion. The usual desert chill has set in as heavy clouds have rolled in to blot out most of the stars. She huddles within her jacket with her feet close to the warming fire, her hands now fishing about in her pockets.

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Miss Nibble's Renders

(Couldn't find the no posting to front page thingy...)

Blame Soyala, Vorela and Typhus for my addiction to DAZ

First one

First one (Full size) http://i368.photobucket.com/albums/oo121/CplNeverlast/Renders/Nattyv2.jpg

Nat and Meka

Nat and Meka (Full size) http://i368.photobucket.com/albums/oo121/CplNeverlast/Renders/Mekaandnatsharpened.jpg


Invicta Bike Rally Thurs 9pm EST, New Flagstaff

Invicta Bike Rally is a weekly roleplaying event hosted by Invicta at Beauville's Tavern, New Flagstaff Thursday nights at 9pm Eastern. All are invited to come and enjoy, though as this is run by a CHOTA-focused gang, obvious Enforcers might feel a bit unwelcome from time to time.


Wasteland Crafters Market

Wasteland Crafters Market

Ist Saturday of each Month. New Flagstaff 5pm - 8pm EST (GMT -4)

All welcome to come buy, sell, browse and have fun.

Park on the road by Beauville's Tavern. Market on the grass beyond where there will be campfires and tents with temporary vaults and mailboxes attached.


Saturday 4th September: Paint Your Wagon competition. Prizes for the best-painted vehicles: bikes, ATVs, buggies, interceptors.

(2pm PST/10pm UK/11pm Euro)

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An "evil" RP clan

Been trying to talk to some about starting one but with no headway so far, so i'm asking here on the forums if anyone would be interested in such a clan or interested in helping to start one.


I have not been able to attend any rp events and i've not really been rping much since i came back to the game but hopefully that will change this thursday but you know if anyone is interested in starting an "evil" clan then just contact Morgan Temple ingame =)

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Growing Old


I now suddenly feel my age and can no longer blame a sickness the doctors have long since assured me is completely under their thumb. Is it wrong not to believe them? They are trained in their professions as much as I am in mine, if not moreso but I cannot help but wonder. I cannot help but fear what life has in store for an old man like me. For Him to poison my mind and body as he did all those years since passed is beyond pride and idealism.

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Vorela's Ramblings

((I have a small journal thread going for Vorela on the Invicta forums, and thought I'd copy it here in case anyone wants to read and know a little more about her.))


(Friday, June 4)

If it wasn’t already obvious by the god-awful collar around my neck, I’m simply yet another clone that was shit out of a vat and dumped out into hell to do whatever it is they keep spitting us out to do.  Whether that’s being killed by raiders, killed by mutated creatures, or simply starving to death, the world obviously needs us for important things.

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Putting His Foot in the Grave - 1


The raiders were nothing to the man as he tore through their ranks, the crude weaponry they held finding precious little to harm on the man. He seemed to always be clad in armor fit for a tank, as Driftstorm liked to tease. Blades scraped at the plating of his carapace, showing them that the best they could do was rivet the surface, or scratch through the already fading, pee green paint job.

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((OOC)) Expanding My Social Circle

I know most of you have never really met Vorela IC, and I want to change that.  It’s not that she’s a snob or anything (honest!), it’s just that her player is really shy, very quiet, and tends to get stuck in her comfort zones, and it’s hard to keep it completely out of V’s personality.

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Looking For...

A mature law enforcement guild with a reasonable and realistic excpectation for rp within the Fallen Earth lore.  Also looking for a religious/fanatical based rp group to get something started with as well.  If you think you might be interested, PM me please.



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Echoes of Memory - 9


((Written to 'Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show' by Neil Diamond.))

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The whole Stupid Clone Thing.


   Seems like there are a lot of different lines of thinking on the Clone aspect of Fallen Earth.

 To me, it is like the worst idea in the history of gaming.   As it is set up in the game it would destroy the whole social and ecological balance of society.

Socially.  If you have immortal beings running around things are going to get bad pretty quickly.  Some of them are going to decide that since they can't be killed, they should be in charge, and little could be done to stop them.   Of course the 'one-lifers' wouldn't stand for this and would cut them off at the source by destroying the lifenet pods.  Easy enough to do, even if the equipment can't be damaged, the doors could be barricaded or the entire structure buried. 

My Journey: Entry 1

((A simple small journal with a worn looking leather cover.))

What I know so far…

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Nascha Littlebird - RPer :D

Im new to the game, old to the RPing scene. I love RPing in general, though I have never gotten into in-depth stories or anything (wouldnt mind, just never happened).

My character is Nascha, shes a Navajo indian. I was thinking about playing her as a normie instead of a clown... err... clone; but I dunno if thats rp-heresy or not. ^^;

Bunker Bash III


Join the Leech’s of Invicta* on August 27th at 6pm EST in the Credit Bend Bunker for a night of roleplay, door prizes, gambling and dancing ladies… Invicta radio will be broadcasting its tunes during the event, keeping you pumped with good music and event details. All are welcome to participate.


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'Zero' Chance's Journal

(This Story is for Sabra who keeps pestering me for one. . . )


I Broke My Horse!


((Just a nice little way of sayin 'I blew my computer up! Cry BBL!))


"Dear diary, notebook, journal...whatever you wanna call these pieces of shit paper I've been writin on and totin around with me everywhere I go...

"Anyway, I think I broke my horse. Damn thing was on its last leg anyways really but my dumb ass figured if I gave it just a bit more juice, I might be able to actually make it faster. Yeah....umm...that didn't go so well.

"I made it to Embry Crossroads though! Busiest damn town I've been to yet. Guess that's why whoever made this map I've been usin put the cute little star next to it.

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Method of Madness: Inside the Mind of a Madman (Chapter 3)


As the day draws to a close Elijas stands near a barrel fire making a mental inventory of the events of the past week or so and begins preparing himself mentally for the assault on the Kingman Prison looming ominoisly on the hill.




<<<< Inner Thought Monologue of Elijas Metatron >>>>

"I've been making good time since I was in Oilville slowly working my way north. I hear there are some trade hubs once you're out of the desert so I've been scraping every chip and scrap I can and hopefully I can trade up a truck to haul some of this salvage or find one to fix up.


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Pyotr enters the light


((OOC)) This is the first time Pyotr Velikiy wakes up. He will be speaking in a very thick russian accent so think the Cosmonaut from Armaggeddon. To keep things simple, words between asterisks (*) will be input from his senses, such as touch, taste, smell, sight and also outline actions. Pyotr with be highlighted in Red when speaking, all other characters will have names attatched to their colours the first time around. ((OOC))


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Zane Richards Audio Log Part 3


*recorder clicks on*

"Eli sent me some schematics, good stuff, shotgun comes in handy sometimes.  Eli....not sure what possessed me to buy him a beer, maybe in the hope that I'd find one other human that didn't want to gut me for what was in my pockets."

*sound of him taking a long draw of a cigarette, and a equally long slow exhale*

"Decent fella, Eli, we chat now and then on the radio, he talks about putting a business together, sittin' back in our own place gettin' others to do the grunt work for us.  Sounds nice, if a bit out of reach.  Maybe...hell neither one of us can remember who we use ta be, but who the hell cares, could 'ave been a hundred years ago...fuck it."

*takes a drink of something, a few swallows followed by a satified sigh*

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The Badlands Stalkers Recruitment Flier

    The Badlands Stalkers


Just going to keep this OOC and list what we do ICly since I'm in a bit of a rush to make this. Hopefully I can make an official flier soon.


What are we: The Badlands Stalkers is a wasteland mercenary outfit that accepts all factions.

Always an Option C


((This is a short introductory story for my character. Being new to FE and still learning about the various factions and lore, I'm refraining from diving in too deep on a backstory. But I figure this would be a good start. I'm a long time RPer (most of the recent stuff being on Second Life) and really looking forward to meeting and RPing with y'all on FE. If you see me, Amarok Tonrar, in-game, by all means, say hi!))

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Subject 27's Audio logs


((Getting this out of the way so I can start them up again. I am writing this as if two techies find this 200 years after present time in Fallen Earth. Also I posted this in a forums so please post comments and constructive critism.))
Radiation Treatments
Recon Logs
Weapon experiments

"Wait Miller, check Subject 27."
"Yes sir." Replied the apprentice

Data found... Audio Logs would you like to play this media? [y/n] Y

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Faction Question

If this has been addressed before pardon my inability to find it : )


Ok so, I like my current build, yea it might not be ideal but hey its the fun that matters.


Currently crafter w/ pistols and rifles as my weapon skills, don't want to go Enforcer for RP reasons, next logical choice seems to be tech.


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Tracking Evil pt.1

((This is my first time writing something like this so i'll keep it short ^.^ Know that my chracter Morgan Temple is pretty much at this point sarcastic, deadly bad person so when I really start to rp again ingame don't take it personally))

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Method of Madness: Inside the Mind of a Madman (Chapter 2)


As the dusty wind began to settle down Elijas took off his goggles and carefully tucked them away in his BDU cargo pocket. He squinted his eyes toward the sky briefly as if to size-up the sun for a fight but quickly surrendered his angry gaze back toward his immediate surroundings. A few strange figures were still camped on the street of Embry Crossroads barking of some religion that Elijas could never really understand even if he cared to try. They seemed harmless enough though and Eli had a live and let live attitude that day...or so he thought.

Good day all

Hello everyone!

Hello fellow RPers.  As a newly subscribed FE player, I am glad that I found a site dedicated to FE roleplay.  My only regret is I didn't try FE sooner.  My biggest concern was the FPS style mode of play which is why I passed on the game when it launched but I'm finding the FPS mode is not bad at all and in fact enhances my immersion of the world.  I am really enjoying the game and that tutorial basically sealed the deal for me.  It was so much fun and the starter areas are equally exciting.  The community is wonderful and I am so impressed with how the game plays and looks.

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Letters from the Road( Jax Riens Nomad Wanderings.)


(( These are letters by jax on the road you are reading them OOC))
I found them. They are based in an old lifenet building deep in the radiation zone, It was hell to find it but i captured one. He didn't give up voluntarily but i was able to track the signal on his radio back to the Coordinates. I'll finally have my answers, I leave tonight.


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Zane Richards *An Audio Log*


*recorder clicks on, a long sigh, exhale of air, the sound of someone taking a draw from a cigarette, and another long exhale*

"Son's o' bitches.....  Didn't have ta be this way,"

*rustling of movement, sounds of boots on dry vegetation and gravel*


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