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Echoes of Memory - 7


((Written to 'Weapon of Choice' by Fatboy Slim.))

It's an idle, mostly quiet afternoon outside. Crisp, clear blue skies, light traffic humming about the downtown streets. The day is waning and people are meandering along in their lives, thinking about getting off work and whiling away their evening routines in whatever comfort zones they lay claim to. Inside the office building at 2401 Bradley though, a starkly more hectic scene is playing out.

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Echoes of Memory - 6


((Written to 'Cellphone's Dead' by Beck.))

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Echoes of Memory - 5


((Written to 'Don't Mess Around With Jim' by Jim Croce.))

The schematics for Druuna's latest project continue to tumble through her thoughts as she and her horse amble into the small outpost at a trot. She leans forward slightly to pat her mount's neck when they slow further, "Here we are again at the edge of civilization eh' Bill?" Just a brief visit for several missing parts and her dune buggy frame would finally be complete.

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Hello There

Well just been checking out FE on the free trial the moment.  Bored at work, and found this link.

See some refugees from SWG though thought I'd say hey.  Though not sure if anyone still watches this board, seems pretty quiet.


Anyway hello there :)

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President Harry Pembroke Lives

**Message broadcasted on on AM 1070 radio and written versions posted in several frankin rider stations**

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new flagstaff charm bandana

What quest chain gets me the New Flagstaff Charm Bandana??  It has been driving me buggy for a week or more... Help!?

Scraps of paper.


*Scraps of paper float along the wind near Embry Crossroads. On them is handwriting; that of a fifth grader; but it was eligible and readable.*

-and I dont know what to say about it all. This hostile wasteland gives nothing but scraps. I need to be careful what I eat from now on. Been reading news, not soo good, then became better, I don't know what been going on lately, News just gets interesting every day. Note, stop on by New Embry for more water, starting to run low on that. Food is horrible. Alcohol cleans the water. Tired as hell, hot in days, cool in nights.

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The shape of things to come

I wake up to the sound of F.D.C. troops at the range early in the morning. For a moment I think im still back in my marine days and i need to get ready for formation. Then it all hits me, im not when I am supposed to be. I am not who I was and this world is not home. The mission I am on reminds me of a suicide mission because no matter what there is no going home. It is usually the thought of going home to your partner and your kids that keep you fighting but that will not happen no matter the outcome.

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FDC Offical Press Release 8-7-2156

**Message sent through franklin riders and posted at all Franklin Riders Mail Stations**




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FDC Press Release 8-7-2156







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Letters from the Road( Jax Riens Nomad Wanderings.



(( due to real life i am going to have to leave fe for awhile, however i'll still be around, Jax has gone nomad which essentially means he is on his own, without the rest of Iron SIghts to deal with some things. in his journeys on the road he collects his thoughts by writing letters, some to his sister, others to Irina, the girl he left behind these are the letters you are reading them OOC))


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Technically the Second Ever

During the Invicta Rally on 5 August There will be a pit fighting competition.

Location: Swimming pool across the street from Beau's

Time: Listen for it to be announced

Prize: Chips

There will be a total of five bouts. Each bout resulting in a prize of a red chip. Among the winners of the five bouts there will be a final bout for domination of the pit.

The winner will then recieve three Red chips. So the overall winner could possibly win 4 chips for the evening. ((sorry I can not go any higher))

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La Giustifica


No excuses. I have done wrong, no good. Enforcer work has been the only constant and for that, I am thankful. For that, I am guilty of. Soon I will return to them, the Saints, not one justification curling from my tongue. I wronged a few, acted as if a child. Paid dearly for it. Several more scars line my abdomen this time, and none of them bring pleasant memories to the mind like the one lining an old tattoo on my shoulder.


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[Closed RP] White Noise: The Missing Saint

(( This thread is for a plotline that I'm running with Saints Incorporated and Iron Sights. For simplicity in management and coordination I'm keeping the participant pool low at this point in time. Participation is by invitation only. However, I figured people might be interested to follow along OOC so thus why it's in a public place. ))

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GlobalTech Profile: Anthony Hunter


    |||Welcome to the GlobalTech employee database|||


>>Executive Profiles


//Open? Y/N


//Enter keyword   /Hunter_Anthony


//File not found

//Enter keyword   /Archer


//File found. NOTE: classified information.


Name: Anthony Hunter

Codename: Archer

Date of Birth: N/A-N/A-2018

Position: Currently Regional Executive of GlobalTech Los Angeles Branch. Formerly GlobalTac black ops specialist. Rank: Major

Hello new to FE


I Just joined FE and I heard of this site on the FE forums so I decided to take a look at it and soo far the stories are very interesting. I really like it all. I saw alot of accounts and i figured I'd name my forum account to my character's name. So far I'm in S1 at a level 8. My character is mostly specced for crafting when I heard everything in the game is made by the players so I figured I'd help out the economy and get some money off it all.

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A Mirror Fallen Earth

So to cut a long story short, I've been spending my weekend watching Sci Fi reruns when I struck upon a wondrous mental image of such frivolity I had to share it with everyone else. And after thinking about ti some more I realized the possibilities were endless and quite possibly there could be hundreds of variations.

Looking to meet fellow RPers

Hey there.  I'm a returning FE player.  I started in the Beta and played up until the spring.  I made some alts and deleted some, but my main character was Azriel Sky, currently level 17.  I joined a few clans who slowly disappeared.  Before I unsubbed I had been in Invicta, and now I feel a bit sad for leaving them.  I was directed to this forum from the FE forums and I was glad to see the Bike Rally still going, and the Cargo Cult scooping up sector 1 folks to get there.  I definitely want to be a part of that.

A little about my character, and any critique is welcome.

Experienced RPer looking for RP partner(s)

((So yeah, I've only had FE a bit now and am currently Level 12 in the Embry/Oilville area.  I've been itching to start RPing with Asu (Asuhara) since I started, and as I posted in my introduction she's a bit of a strange case.  She was damaged slightly in restoration and came out with a slight brain defect, she functions well enough to handle herself but has social issues ranging from just communication to grasping certain concepts, but has a very high affinity towards creating things from armor to machines to whatever strikes her mood.  Faction wise she 'would' lean towards tech because s

Even more Breaking News

In a earlier news, Invicta's Irovagh Drainakor and Soyala where met with full force today by Freedom Defense Corps over an issue with harassment with some of the members, all armed with carbines and rifles, Scrapheap attacked the Freedom Defense Corps, only to be taken down quickly.

Vista Warrior Looking for Clan/General RP!

Alright all, since my RL keeps making me miss the cool caravan with RPers and all, I figured I'll take the bull by the big mutated horns and throw out a post to find a group!


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Breaking News Alert

Breaking news submitted to all Province news agencies:

The bank in New Flagstaff was hit by a brazen group of thieves last night, all brandishing weapons that ranged from knives to a rocket launcher, according to witnesses.  The group was large enough to take the building from both entrances, and citizens were forced to the ground while the one Franklin Rider on duty was held at knifepoint by reportedly a small female.

In need of a new..uhh..what do they call them? Friend?



Hello, I am sure some of you heard of me, well I need a new talkie thingy, it seems Reaper's schedule has left me alone at most days and i need a new talky-talk Friend-slave thingy that i can talk to on game.

New roleplayer availiable for RP slot



alright... so i'm new to this site, and have been playing FE for about six months, my main is level 11 (i know, low level for such a large amount of game time,  but i focus my attention more on exploration and roleplay).  i've been coming various towns trying to see if i can find any fellow roleplayers, but it seems that is very unlikely to yeild results.  all you need to know about my character is on my profile, so you can either shoot me a message here or in game.

((sorry if this is in the wrong section, i didn't quite know where to post it.))

Ohai there


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A Chota Ophan, raised by Vista Researchers available for RPing (WIP)

(Using Zach Zero Chance stat Template, the template credit goes to him)


Name:  Nina Slave

Level: 31 (Currently levelling up so this changes almost daily) 

Current AP:

Faction:  Vista

Class: Melee, Prefers Swords.

Mutations: Primal and Empathic. 

Stats:  Intelligence, Endurance, Strength, Coordination,

Skills:  Armor Use, Dodge, Melee, First AId,

Minor Skill: Altheteics

Tradeskills: Medicine, Science, Weaponary, Cooking, Armorcraft, Geology, Nature

So where are the rp hotspots?

So aside from the awesome looking vehicle caravan event every week, where are the rp 'hotspots' out there? This wasteland is a big place, it'd be great to know where I can at least have a chance of finding some other RPers to meet!

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Theory, Meet Practice


((Author's note: Chronologically this story takes a week before Fallen Earth's launch day. The story opens with Sarah wandering around Plateau a few hours after the Cafe of Broken Dreams, her home, burnt down.))


How 'Green' Can You Go?

Basically a question to my fellow Vista/CHOTA out there, just how 'green' can tech be in this world? I mean obviously we're not gonna have solar cars and zany stuff like that, but can it be reasonably said a character uses a fuel mix that is at least cleaner then pure gas? Same with weapons and armor and all, I haven't seen many high level folks but right now Drua has a crossbow and a pickaxe for her weapons and is covered in cloth and leather.


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