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A New Flyer

Attention Wastelanders,

                Now Open in New Flagstaff, a new source for all of your transportation needs.

A Yet to be named Speed Shop

Conveniently located next to Beauville’s Tavern.

High Noon: Part 1 of 3

The sun was blazing above the wasteland skies as Mason sat on his horse observing a broken down warehouse along the outskirts of Embry Crossroads.  He had been watching it since the early morning, monitoring the movements of those who patrolled it as well as watching who came and went.  About a dozen men were there; half were patrolling around the warehouse while the other six were inside.  Of the dozen men, only one mattered to Mason.  It was not long ago when he had pulled up to the warehouse on a motorcycle and entered the warehouse.

Introduce Yourself

Thank you, Reaper and Rose, for opening up a new section on the forums for new players to jump in!

Seeing that I'm going to be the first one to post into this section, I might as well be kind enough to start up an intro thread so that everyone can point and make fun of...I mean welcome you to FERP :D. It's just a simple introduction really, just say hi, who your character(s) are, and anything else you want really. I'll even start, just so anyone else who wishes to introduce themselves can use me (oo baby) as an example.

Hey everyone, I'm Brad Geezy, and I've actually been looking forward to a RP site like this to start RP'ing in game. I'm still a bit of an amateur when it comes to roleplaying, but I do have some experience in WoW. Rose found me back when I was trying to start a thread for people looking for clans, and she directed me to here. Sure I might of had a bumpy start...*cough cough*, but here I am now, looking forward to really getting into my role in FE. :D

A precious thing called hope

Oleandria open her eyes. Sunlight was entering the room through the cracks left by the wooden planks nailed to the window frame. But even the few light streams that manage to pierce into the room where light enough to show her she didn't recognize the room she was currently lying in. The covers also didn't smell like she was used to but it wasn't complete strange to her, although so she couldn't place the sent. She lied still for a few moments, listening to the sounds that were coming from outside.

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New Player Classifieds

We now have a 'New Player Classifieds' forum for new players looking for guilds and guilds looking for new players.  Enjoy!

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Archer's Brown Leather Journal


((This is my first attempt at making a character journal. I've never really been into these things but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try it out. I'll still make a few other journal posts that are actual stories but this one will be updated hopefully on a daily basis. This IC information is to be viewed OOC only (Unfortunately) however if given permission, you CAN use this information IC.))

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"Join Invicta" on the Account Creation page

So recently, someone made the claim privately that FERP Haven was mainly for Invicta members.  One of their main reasons for this was that when you signed up for the site, there was a checkbox that says 'Join Invicta' and no other guilds were listed.  I took a look myself and it indeed appears that Invicta is trying to use FERP Haven to recruit.

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Lore Question: Drugs in the Wasteland

I'm wondering what kind of drugs are available in the wasteland? Are there 'old world' hardcore drugs like heroin and crystal meth and cocaine? What about plants like marijuana? I'm also remembering there are various new drugs that are prevalent as well, right?

Hopefully I'm not mixing up my games here, but isn't there something called Storm that is dangerous but also affects combat prowess? Is there any reason someone would abuse that for pleasure?

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A Man and His Hat


Lovers come and go. Friends are a scarce resource in a desolate world. But hats? Well, a man will only have one hat that fits him just right throughout his adult life and gives others a symbol of himself to come to know and respect, or fear if the circumstance calls for it. I was glad to have such a hat but today I've lost that one hat and with it a memory to never be regained. Something far more important than the hat that few in this world know of or have ever seen.

*A scrappy note pinned to the wall by the sharp end of a Carpenter's hammer.*

((This is pinned on the inside of the wall as you would walk into the Invicta clubhouse. The front door has signs of being kicked in but nothing else seems out of the ordinary..))

Dear Invicta,
You have housed too many heathens in your travels.
Repent your ways and accept the lord or I shall beat it out of you.
I have watched many of you commit sins right before my very eyes.
I hope you enjoy my little parting gift to you.


My Journey: Entry 3

I am at Embry Crossroads hoping to find Drakken.  I could have asked around for him but that would have tipped him off that I was at Embry.  I suspect he knows I am tracking him but it affords me some advantage if he doesn’t know my precise location.  I took my time travelling across the wastelands and made damn sure I covered my tracks and even circled around to confuse anyone who might be following me.

IC "Thoughts" that can be read, but not responded to.

I would like clarification as to where this forum stands on in-character thoughts, that are meant to ridicule another person or group, but because they are "thoughts" they can not be responded to and remain IC.

I have sent a PM to the offending person, and I will wait to see if she responds.  If I receive no response, then I will post the comments here on this thread, for all to see and decide for themselves.

This is not a matter of being thin skinned about a negative comment about my club.  It's about a person hiding behind the IC rules of this forum, to avoid having her accusations challenged.  A forum member should not write an IC "thought" that is then seen by all, and can't be responded to by any.  Certainly not baseless slander / libel that is meant to imply that our club is in a decline, when in fact it is not at all.

Greetings wastelanders

Hi everyone. Some may recognize me from back when Fallen Earth launched and the old RP community site.

To those who don't, hello and well met! I'm a dedicated online roleplayer and I'm making a comeback to FE,

hopefully for a longer period of time than usual (I've been on and off this game several times).

Cool new community site by the way! :)


Cheers and see you in the Wastelands!

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Too kinkeh.. Too Messeh.. Part Two


((Annoying voice: Previously in Spider Hill! Sexy Mistress of bloody wrath had taken quest to kill spiders in spiders main evil nest, she went there and killed plenty! But because of her naive mind and greed got surrounded by horny big alpha male spiders who want to rape her and lay eggs around her corpse.))

My Journey: Entry 2

I normally do not write about my dreams but I think it’s about time I did.  I suspected that my dreams were manifestations of my past life or lives and I think my assumptions are correct.

I saw Drakken in my dreams or at least I think it was him.  He’s clean shaven bald with a large nose like a hawk.  He also has small blue piercing eyes.  Drakken is average height and weight but he moved fast with exceptional strength. 

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Too kinkeh.. Too Messeh.. Part One


Nightfall.. It had gone down early as Gormina was getting rid of the spider infestation around Spider Hill, making her way down the narrow path along the cliffside, shooting encroaching spiders time and time again, staring half of the time over to the horizon, clopping sound echoed from her self modified cowboy boots with heels, sighing to herself as she thought. "What a lame day it has been, one bar fight.. none action on the road.. just.. spiders..

((Ideas of changes))

Hmm I've been thinking of next steps to do for a journal entry, and it just seems boring to be an immortal clone. Especially when the people recreating clones of you are the very people who you want to bury underground...I think I'm going to figure a way to have the clone thing continue, but have like a "final betrayal" moment in my story to truely free me from my creators, and turn me into a "one-lifer" If you have any ideas let me hear it, I'll see what kind of twists I can put down to turn me into an actual character, and not some clone mr. stu.

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Dune buggies? Interceptors? No thanks.

I want THIS. Exponential increase in cool.


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An Important Notice

Reaper's chores

Was suggested this should be a screenshot.

Out of the Womb


((Its been a while since I tried making an RP journal like this, so please easy on the Critiques xD))

Prrrsshhhhh. Woooosh.

The first few things I hear as my pod opens as I awaken, air rushing to fill my surrounding area.. Bright lights burn into my eyes, bluring my vision. Cannot look away! Close eyes. Breathing heavily, panicing. What the hell is going on!? Turn head. Turn again. Squirm! Open your eyes! Bright lights dim. Vision...clear. It's okay, calm down.  Breathe. 

I close my eyes and take a deep breath, then open them back up as I start to analyze my surroundings. Filthy. Dirty. I lean my head down and take a look at my pod. Clean. Comfortable. Cold...

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The Corporate Mind...subtitled "wow o.O"

Sometimes I have to wonder if people even think through what they do.

/rantmode on, warning issued.

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Throwdown at the Hoedown

Yeah, it'd been a helluva cuppla weeks.

Those in tha know, knew abouts Alicia becomin' the leader of Iron Sights.  First gal ever as a leader of a biker club an shit.  There was misunderstandins' on how it went down but regardless, she was followin' up on Doc Scott missin' an tryin' to do her best fer keepin' the club runnin' after Ritter lost it.  I'd been helpin', shit, if he's gotta chance, only Doc Scott can helps, but thats anuther story... 

Splintered psychosis in stasis


(( Following Ritter's mental implosion his Lifenet Data was stored in a secured facility. Due to the nature of his mental state, portions of his mind are still awake. During this period they constantly feed back and forth on themselves, reliving portions of his life in bits and flashes. ))

Ritter looked out over the side of the highway as his bike flew across the broken pavement. Dust kicked up and zipped past him as his fellow Prospect Jax came up alongside him. Grinning back at him and jamming his throttle full open they both increased their speed to break-neck rates, racing each other across the wasteland.

"Yo Jax! Twenty chips says you won't go through the Devil's Own up ahead!"

"Eat it Ritter! You're on asshole!"

S1 Hostage Rescue - Open RP PVP Event - Friday 17th

I have a problem and I'm seeking help.  I ain't come here to talk to you folks before, though sometimes I hang close by and keep an ear out.  Just there's so many Travellers, Children and Techs round your place.......well I don't feel like I fit in too well.  But now I'm desperate and if anyone here can lend a hand, then I'd be more than grateful to you.

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A Little Heart to Heart


Robbie leaned back against the wall and yawned, looking down at the pistol in his hand with a somewhat bemused expression. Funny how you can yawn at the strangest times. That was something to think about later, though. There was the business at hand which needed his full attention. Rolling his right shoulder around in it's socket, he looked back up and at the younger man seated in a rickety chair across the room.

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schedule Change


Well, Life Sucks I guess.

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Codename: Archer Part 1: Operation FAWL


October 24th, 2049     Somewhere in the Caucasus Mountains


New Revelations

“You’re still getting those blackouts?” Karri Hatchet asked with a sympathetic tone as she watched Mason unloading some packs off his horse Manny. 

Mason continued his unloading without pause as he answered, “Not since the incident a few days ago.”

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Darrens Journal - Entry One

(( I myself am very hesitant to make a journal, but I thought it would be best to start somewhere. Depending on how well the Feedback is, I might do more. This will be a simple short journal entry. ))

(( This was written to Penumbras soundtrack. ))


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