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Out of the Womb


((Its been a while since I tried making an RP journal like this, so please easy on the Critiques xD))

Prrrsshhhhh. Woooosh.

The first few things I hear as my pod opens as I awaken, air rushing to fill my surrounding area.. Bright lights burn into my eyes, bluring my vision. Cannot look away! Close eyes. Breathing heavily, panicing. What the hell is going on!? Turn head. Turn again. Squirm! Open your eyes! Bright lights dim. Vision...clear. It's okay, calm down.  Breathe. 

I close my eyes and take a deep breath, then open them back up as I start to analyze my surroundings. Filthy. Dirty. I lean my head down and take a look at my pod. Clean. Comfortable. Cold...

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The Corporate Mind...subtitled "wow o.O"

Sometimes I have to wonder if people even think through what they do.

/rantmode on, warning issued.

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Throwdown at the Hoedown

Yeah, it'd been a helluva cuppla weeks.

Those in tha know, knew abouts Alicia becomin' the leader of Iron Sights.  First gal ever as a leader of a biker club an shit.  There was misunderstandins' on how it went down but regardless, she was followin' up on Doc Scott missin' an tryin' to do her best fer keepin' the club runnin' after Ritter lost it.  I'd been helpin', shit, if he's gotta chance, only Doc Scott can helps, but thats anuther story... 

Splintered psychosis in stasis


(( Following Ritter's mental implosion his Lifenet Data was stored in a secured facility. Due to the nature of his mental state, portions of his mind are still awake. During this period they constantly feed back and forth on themselves, reliving portions of his life in bits and flashes. ))

Ritter looked out over the side of the highway as his bike flew across the broken pavement. Dust kicked up and zipped past him as his fellow Prospect Jax came up alongside him. Grinning back at him and jamming his throttle full open they both increased their speed to break-neck rates, racing each other across the wasteland.

"Yo Jax! Twenty chips says you won't go through the Devil's Own up ahead!"

"Eat it Ritter! You're on asshole!"

S1 Hostage Rescue - Open RP PVP Event - Friday 17th

I have a problem and I'm seeking help.  I ain't come here to talk to you folks before, though sometimes I hang close by and keep an ear out.  Just there's so many Travellers, Children and Techs round your place.......well I don't feel like I fit in too well.  But now I'm desperate and if anyone here can lend a hand, then I'd be more than grateful to you.

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A Little Heart to Heart


Robbie leaned back against the wall and yawned, looking down at the pistol in his hand with a somewhat bemused expression. Funny how you can yawn at the strangest times. That was something to think about later, though. There was the business at hand which needed his full attention. Rolling his right shoulder around in it's socket, he looked back up and at the younger man seated in a rickety chair across the room.

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schedule Change


Well, Life Sucks I guess.

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Codename: Archer Part 1: Operation FAWL


October 24th, 2049     Somewhere in the Caucasus Mountains


New Revelations

“You’re still getting those blackouts?” Karri Hatchet asked with a sympathetic tone as she watched Mason unloading some packs off his horse Manny. 

Mason continued his unloading without pause as he answered, “Not since the incident a few days ago.”

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Darrens Journal - Entry One

(( I myself am very hesitant to make a journal, but I thought it would be best to start somewhere. Depending on how well the Feedback is, I might do more. This will be a simple short journal entry. ))

(( This was written to Penumbras soundtrack. ))

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Vorela's Ramblings - Sept 14

I didn’t realize when I offered to take Soya to my usual crash pad in Flagstaff for her to recuperate in (so that she didn’t have to listen to Drax and Jela go at it all night, can’t say I blame her) that I’d end up with half the clan camping out with us.  So much for secrecy and privacy.  Ah well, it’s actually been kind of fun.  And it’s nice to have someone else cook for me for a change, as temporary as it might be.  Drax can sure cook a mean omelette.

Invicta Bike Rally Thurs 9pm EST, New Flagstaff

Invicta Bike Rally is a weekly roleplaying event hosted by Invicta at Beauville's Tavern, New Flagstaff Thursday nights at 9pm Eastern. All are invited to come and enjoy, though as this is run by a CHOTA-focused gang, obvious Enforcers might feel a bit unwelcome from time to time.

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Before the Fall - 4


Robbie collapsed back against the instrument panel, utter shock slowly turning to dismay as the betrayal sunk in. He barely noticed the advance, crouching, of the lead biker, who still had the shotgun trained directly at him. This advance made room for 2 more, and Robbie didn't even hear Ashley's screams for help as they dragged her from the plane. After what felt like hours to his stunned mind, he was yanked out of his disbelief by the solid connection of the shotgun barrel with his jaw.

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Saving Herself



((Written to trance music and various other influences))


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On the way to Pass.


[Consider as Explicit Sex/Violence inside] (Not quite sure if the content is acceptable like this however let me know if its not, shouldnt be lacking sweetspots anyway, and let me know if rating should be more of Mature than Explicit as i am not sure myself.)

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Robbie's Journal - Entry 4

I think, really, that I am going to be OK. I'm writing again, like I keep promising myself, and feeling like I actually want to keep on going. That feeling has been absent for a few weeks, every since I started remembering. Not now, though, I'm feeling good.

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So close yet so far...

I have played Fallen earth on this Windows Emulator I have on my macbook... Its a great game... Real shame I couldn't find any RP though.  After learning of the mac beta being released I was very excited and decided to download it so I wouldn't have to go through the problems with the emulator to play the game.  When I finally got all the updates I began to play for a bit, I then exited the game and went on with life, next time I try to run the game, the launcher begins to run... but no screen pops up... I wait for a bit, nothing. I restart my computer, nothing.

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Marionette - 3



[ Note: The Explicit tag is used for a reason. If you have any problems with descriptive sex and/or violence this plot line is not for you. This space also provides that no such explicit scenes are seen on the front page. ]


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Need Some One Taken Out?


*Posted in all of the Bunker Bars and Taverns.* 

((Contact me in game or in PM's and we can set up all that would be needed for this.))

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Desktop Images!

Now, Muse's topic about Fallen Earth desktop images reminded me that I'm curious and privacy invading. So, tell me people - or show me - what goofy images do you put on your desktop to stare at for hours on end when you alt-tab.

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Fallen Earth desktop images

Does anyone recognize these artists? I've got a small collection of images I have rotating on my desktop that kind of keep me in the wasteland mood and I'd love to find more.

EDIT: Hehehe, sorry for temporarily spamming the front page with pictures. That little separate button is my friend!


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Who are you, Archer? Finale


((Written to Fire of the Universe - Xandria. Hey, symphonic metal is great for a final duel with the man who killed the woman you vowed to love till death do you part lol. Anyway, feel free to share your thoughts via comment. I don't mind.))


September 11th, 2156    10:45 p.m.    GlobalTac Amchitka Outpost Hangar

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Who are you, Archer? Part 5: Reunion


((After hours of grinding, I managed to fill up only 4 and a half bars. So I'm thinking about coming back to the RP community on either Sunday or Monday (Maybe Tuesday). Please note that the players (other than Archer) mentioned in the tags don't actually appear in this post. Later in the post Archer is talking to someone about his experience in the Province and who he has met as well as his opinion of them.))



10 miles off the coast of Amchitka, Alaska

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Echoes of Memory - 23


((Written to 'Still Alive' by Lisa Miskovsky, Teddybear Remix.))

The echoes of long lost memory had finally coalesced into a vivid tapestry in her mind, fragmented no longer. Dru sat astride her motorcycle at the top of the ridge, gazing back toward the people of the hidden valley as they waved to her.

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Echoes of Memory - 22


((Written to 'Only Time' by Enya.))

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Your character's song

Simple premise. What single song sums up your FE character's life to this point?

Robbie's is easy. 'Do' by The White Stripes.

Well, somebody walked up to me
But I didn't know what to do
And then somebody said hello to me
But I didn't know what to do
Because I think that my words could get twisted
So I bend my back over, take a gulp, be funny
Cause I know there's nothing I can do

Then my mother tried to pick me up
'Cause I was sittin' down on the ground
Something forced my baby eyes come open
But I couldn't make out the sound
It doesn't matter 'cause my eyes are lying
And they don't have emotion, don't wanna be social
Can't take it when they hate me
But I know there's nothing I can do

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Echoes of Memory - 21


((Written to 'White Flag' by Dido.))

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Echoes of Memory - 20


((Written to 'Asleep' by The Smiths.))

Dru discarded her stick and nodded as she rose from where she'd been kneeling in the dirt, brushing herself off a bit as she did so. Old John nodded as well, finally looking away from their various plans etched out on the ground, "Well, you heard the girl, we'd all better get some rest. It'll be an early mornin' if we're going to hit them with the sunrise at our backs."

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Soyala's Simulacrum

So scratch the other thread. I finally got my photobucket all straightened out and deleted a whole bunch of stuff that was taking up bandwidth and storage space.


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