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cat stuff

Nikki at home in terrance woke from her bed. This moring was no differnt then any other she did her normal things and ate breakfest, but instead of laying around and playing with string or sharping her claws she decided she would go out to a differnt town and see what she could see. Any town would do for nikki, unless it was sunshinethats becuase "she" lives somewere there and nikki did not like being in a 5 yard radius of that girl, but were to go and what to wear? hard for her to go out and not stand out like a sandworm in a grass field. So why not the town of toro.

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Memories of Lori Part 7: Grizzly Luck


10:15 May 13th 2144

Kaibab National Forest

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Wasting time.


Synn sat back on the porch of the Black Bear Bar, in Hope.  He absently watched the dancers outside the dinner run by the Mayor.  Life around here seemed quiet, but he knew differently.  

The packed Hotel downtown was filled with girls from Old Lucy’s place.  A quick conversation with two or three of the girls, and he could set up a nice little business quietly in town.  He filed that away for a later time.

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This Woman's Work


The question is. What would she do next?”


Ok. So it had been a hard day, Hyle was feeling the pressure mounting. She sat back on her office chair absent-mindedly tapping the blotter with the end of her pencil.

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soaked N hung


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Mona moan


69swallowed to u uuu ,13, thats Luckyswallowed swallow fine.if you need a fiend today. Take me to the hotel. Yuck me Actuality thats very.....Find me fiend find,None of their eyes IN me/emdOWN none anymore.YUK ME from the roots. finality... to be done Smoke em in the dust .Drown the ole like faux machine oilThe wheeL Facsimiles29 thats fine. Actuality thats very Yuking find,None of their eyesROLLin IN me/MemdOWN MELLOANa sQeeZe me none anymore. finality...

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Memories of Lori Part 6: Bird of Peace

12:30 May 12th 2144

Kaibab National Forest

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Bonito Street

Does anyone have the player map map of New Flagstaff that includes Bonito (sp) Street?

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Regarding Crossover RP (Secret World/Fallen Earth)

Editied as of March 2nd...
The following is a rough draft of the schedule that multiple people can attend and participate or share information with me regarding this crossover;

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Extreme Pizza Delivery

(( The following is a Crossover work between Secret World and Fallen Earth, at the request of a few players from both sides. Writing is influenced by Mood setting music and a few days of Twitter conversations, Discord Dances and PMs in my inbox. Yes, you can blame Canni.

Music; https://youtu.be/A8N0vzUgGhA ))

Location; Oilville, Nevada
Local Perceived Date and Time; 2/20/2165

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Who's yer Daddy? Part 3 - Radioactive



((This one is dedicated to Reaper.

This stories inspiration song is the one he would always play for Canni Belle and the vid felt like part of her story, so here it is.

Words are not enough to thank you for the place my creativity calls home.)) 


Continued from part 2...


"I found you!"

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On the third day... (conclusion?)

It had not gone well. So not well in fact that Joe and Finny were now locked head to head in an emotionally charged glaring contest.

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Memories of Lori Part 5: No Horsing Around

06:30 May 12th 2144


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On the third day...

The four of them exchanged glances across the table. Finny gave Casper a nod of encouragement and what she hoped was a reassuring smile. Casper very slowly, and under the wide silent stares of the others, got to his feet and lifted the open book with both hands. His thumbs pressed side by side against the spine and at the very bottom of the spread pages as if praying to the author. Maybe he was.

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Memories of Lori Part 4: Doorknobs & Boomsticks

06:00 May 12th 2144


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A Rite of Passage [2]




Silja rolled the car to a halt not far from the door of the motel.

Uwe was still thinking, or was it hoping there was a restaurant inside. And there was, although not a very romantic one. He was still heading towards it when Silja yanked his arm. She headed instead for the reception desk.


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A Rite of passage [1]




Silja’s old Inty rumbled along the road, the sun was setting behind. She smiled.


Pass some crisps, Uwe.”


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Lonely at the Top

It was gone five. The office had emptied. Hyle’s staff had gone home for the evening.


Reavy had just left, having gained permission to hold self-defence classes at the hostel. At least this may give the girls a little more confidence after Hyle had confiscated the weapons that Jeass had distributed.

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Another day at the Office

Wesley Drayton , Accountant of Hope Springs. Yes they even thought of making accountant clones.

Wesley was efficient, precise, diligent. Absolutely the right man for keeping Hope Springs finances in order.


And so fucking mind-crushingly boring!


As Hyle sat through his quarterly report,

And even though the details were typed in fine detail on the desk in front of her.

And even though the books were balancing.


Hyle was thinking.

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Early Morning Run

It was an unusual morning for Jeassiah, since unlike most morning where she'd be soundly asleep, this one found her under the pale light of a street light in Hope Springs. Additionally, the Hostle itself had become a very busy place in the last couple of weeks with all the young women that were bussed in from the near by city. Something to do with Hyle busting some sort of sex ring and from what she had heard, it didn't go as well as planned, some one was killed, that much she knew.

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Götterdämmerung (Aftermaths)

1/ Dr. Tukiko Troy

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Götterdämmerung. (part 11)



21:00 Precisely. Miss Skovlund stepped off the bus, still dressed in jacket and pencil skirt, this time carrying a clip board.

I trust all is prepared, Miss Lucy? Nice dress by the way. Very retro, in keeping with the surroundings.”

She nodded her thin tight-ass smile and took a place beside Lucy on the kerb by the bus doors.

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Götterdämmerung. (part 10)


Aunt Lucy looked the woman standing in front of her desk up and down, naturally cautious.

You want to block-book Diamond Lil’s for an entire evening, sugar?”

The woman nodded, her blonde hair was pulled back into a tight bun so tightly it gave her face a slightly severe aire. Add to that the pencil skirt, crisp white blouse and well tailored jacket, She looked the epitome of secretarial efficiency.

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All a game.

Synn sat in his chair, looking over his cards at the man across the table.  He lowered his cards enough to let the man see his impish grin. “You’re a tough read, Slick”

Synn grinned as his eyes rolled back into his head.  Hidden by his glasses the effect was not seen by anyone, and went un-noticed.  Scanning the man’s thoughts was easy, as he focused on his cards. The image clear in his head of what was in his hand, Synn knew he had better cards.  Speaking as if he was unsure he said, “I think I’ll take a chance.  I raise you a Red.”

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Götterdämmerung. (part 9)



As Hyle waited for the doors to open, if indeed they actually would, she thought about all the ‘Ifs’. And there were a lot of them. She knew about Brown but didn’t ‘know’ her that well. And if there were a cohort of Lucy’s men inside rather than the two, three, four that she guessed…. Then what?. Hyle bit her lip then stopped herself, the camera was watching.


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A Grey Matter



            Shadow wandered through the endless void. The sky, the ground, the horizon: all painted in an impossible colour. His steps rung hollow against a floor

          that didn't exist, yet still they carried sound that echoed against the fabric of his mind. No light guided his way, no direction could be discerned, and yet, he

          knew exactly where he was.

             Stopping for a moment, an encompassing dread swelled within him. He took a breath--savouring the fading tranquility of nothingness and held his hand

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Götterdämmerung (part 8)

Miss Brown’s choice of time and place for their ‘meeting’ surprised Joe. He had expected, in fact he would have chosen, an out of the way place like a derelict roadside store with clear vision all around so that ambush or betrayal of any kind could be better detected. But no. In their brief communication the night before Joe heard the smile in her voice.

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Götterdämmerung (part 7)

Joe broke the connection with Hyle and stood looking thoughtfully at Kirsten for a few moments. He was wrong to be angry with Hyle. He had ‘sold’ Tuki to her because he knew that she would take on the devil itself to protect her… as she was now proving by going to Aunt Lucy’s lair. On her own, no back up. Where she would likely run up against the two most evil women Joe knew.

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Götterdämmerung (part 6)

It was late afternoon and a lot of Lucy’s girls were now awake and getting breakfast in preparation for the evening shift. In the office the subject of conversation between Lucy and the two sheepish looking men standing by the door was Hyle Troy. These two, after checking on their buddy in the emergency clinic had overheard Hyle talking to the auctioneer and had taken it upon themselves to ‘warn her off’. It had not gone well but the men were wise enough to report their actions back to the boss.


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