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Happy Trails (entry fiftee*crossed out* entry 16)


((From the diary of Keith Rawkings))

Women...are vexing creatures...

It had a been a little while since I last seen Ghostlyn in tha bar. Ol Rawkings was bein a good boy. I was tryin real hard not to hit on any gals. I was hopin' ta see her again soon, but I knew dang well if I slipped up it would probably git back ta her. People talk.
But still, goin from 100 ta zero in a day is tough.

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Happy Trails (entry 6)


((hey sorry if I didn't mention folks, I did recognize a lot of people I've seen before, but Keith never formally "met" them yet. He was also a little intoxicated. Also, I hope it's not too long of a read. I'll spell correct more later and maybe fix the paragraph specing, but now I'm just going to go in game and play already! Cya all in game, was a great night for RP, last night!))

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