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(( This part of the story starts the same day as my last journal entry: Black and Yellow ))



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Warehouse Break In - Part 2 - Getting Out

((This part 2 continues directly on from Part 1.
Acknowledgement - Thanks go to Mr Spivey of Spivey Independent Traders for providing the image of the list discovered although the magazine cover mentioned from Spivey's personal collection was unfortunately unavailable owing to currently being in use.))

She slipped inside....

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Warehouse Break In - Part 1 - Getting In

They looked a slightly comical bunch, Gina in her darker Vista gear, Sean, the man who had offered his help and seemed trust worthy also dressed in darker clothes but appropriately armed, just in case, and Veronica dressed in black pants and a dark grey top and wearing black sneakers. They all had their roles, there was a job to be done, a warehouse to break into and secrets to be uncovered.

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