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Union Universalis

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Union Triumphant: Men from the Sky


Kingdom of Falkland, 2311

Smoke and ruin surrounded them, the crackling of burning timber and the occasional crash of collapsing stonework an appropriate backdrop to the desolation of his soul at that moment. He was tired of running, the day's efforts leaving him an exhausted mess that could barely take another stop forward let alone bring his rifle to bear against the hateful invaders of his homeland. Now, sitting amongst the rows of bottles and packaged food, he waited for his pursuer to find him.

Kiako Lalene's picture

Union Triumphant; A Doctor's Appointment

Description: Remnants of recorded conversation from the office of Dr. Patterson [ID (E)A9275/24775/2737]
Location: EXPUNGED
>Limited Access Granted

Talking out loud while no one is in the room is... unsettling, at least for me. Sub-vocalizing doesn't count, either. To think that after all these years I, Kiako Lalene, admit to being self-conscious. Yes, yes, I know, what a shock. That little "revelation" is why I'm here, speaking with you. At you.

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