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A Familiar Voice....

Those who would tune into the old Horizon Radio Frequency would hear this message played on a loop...



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Want to put those dartboards you see everywhere to use? Here's how!

HIyas all!

I had a brainstorm (yeah insert snarky comment here) last night as I was standing infront of a Dart board...and I thought I would share with everyone just how YOU can play darts with a friend or 3.

Basically, it uses the /random function to generate your throws.  Since only team members can see the results the players have to be in a team.  As an added bonus, if you want you dont even have to be in the same room because of this, but of course for RP reasons it makes more sense for everyone to be there. I also have created a simple spreadsheet for this... hopefully I can attatch it somehow.

The game we played was 301.  For dart afficianados of course you could adapt it to double in - double out, 501 or whatever.  I have a spot on the spreadsheet for entering the desired total... be creative!

OK, here's how it works:

Each player gets to throw 3 darts on their turn.

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