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Spider Hill Radio Tower

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Radio Tower Positions - Interviewing the Candidates

They should start arriving soon.

*Joe's voice* Ouch! It still bloody hurts...
    *Allie's voice* This will be so much fun!
*Joe's voice* Right in the kneecap! Right in the kneecap!
    *Gina's voice* Is my poncho on straight?
*Joe's voice* And all over the paintwork as well!

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Life is not a Box of Cookies

'And you say she hasn't eaten any of these cookies?' the chemist asked staring at Veronica over thin rimmed spectacles.

'No,' Veronica replied. 'I have not given them to her, I brought them to you here in Chemtown after they were passed to me.'

'Good,' responded the chemist. 'Very good. Because they are indeed poisoned. Yes, if she had eaten six or maybe just five, yes that may be enough, then given a little time, then..er... what's her name...'

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