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Spider Hill Radio Station

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One of our listeners would like to speak to...

'...and rub the infected area three times a day with the onion until the swelling starts to vanish.'

'Well our thanks to our local Doctor for this useful information about healing spider bites.'

'Susan Grindel here at the Spider Hill Radio Station and now... oh wait a moment... I have just been handed an announcement to make for one of our listeners who would like to speak to some of you lucky people out there.'

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A word from our sponsor

*feeble cough*
'Mr Spivey?'
*louder cough*

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Clunk Clang Rustle

"town of Bedrock, they're a page right out of history..."


'Where did that screwdriver go?'

Scrape Clunk

'Ah...under there...'

Rustle Rustle Scrape Thud

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