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Sin Falls

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"With Love from Kay"


Hope Springs, yesterday

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Organizing the town and surrounding territory.

Thanks to the efforts of a number of members of the community outside of the clan Serenity Falls, the town has continued to thrive as an RP location during the recent shrinkage the clan suffered. First and foremost, I want to thank those players that made that effort, veterans and new bloods alike. 

I want to handle as much of this In Character as can be done, but I opened this OOC thread for us to share as a common place to get information and try to coordinate our seperate RP storylines more smoothly.

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Getting back up



He received the note from the union guard that Marissa had been taken and when he read it his world seemed to collapse on him....he just got her back and now she was gone again....he seemed unable to speak or act....he just.....stopped.


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House of Sin [ a different party ]



"you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave."



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The Search party



((This was VERY VERY fun to participate in, I wouldn’t say the search party were very successful but decide for yourself as you read hehe Nonetheless it was fun and as always with freeform combat, maps are turned off and I have player and NPC’s names  turned off as well which made it difficult to tell NPC’s and players apart in Sin Falls…oh and Marissa’s rl cat is to blame for one of the misfires))


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The Device

Petyr set the device down behind the building in the middle of Sin. He flicked the little switch on the side of the device as the Tech he bought it from instructed him to. Immediately his radio started makeing a buzzing sound.

Petyr picked his radio up and tried calling out to various numbers. No replies from any of them, just static. Petyr smiled behind his dark gray mask. All radio contact would fail within the limits of Sin Falls. No escapes, no rescues, no help once-so-ever for anyone within the city. Petyr grumbled  "I hope this doesnt come around to screw me over later."

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Serenity Falls revisited

sin falls


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