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Serenity Falls

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Serenity Falls Bar (( flyers being passed around by wanderers and couriors ))

The Devils Due Have taken up the bar in Serenity falls by permission of the mayor Petyr Vakkos and shall be operating it regularly.
The Bartender  Baneia Scarheart and bouncer Pauwwauw shall be your regular bar "friendly" companions.

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Something to do


Hope Springs, Yesterday

As the last days over the last weeks, and since she was back; Shiu headed from Deafall to Hopesprings, directly. She don't know why but the second sector was always calling her while she works around Deadfall and Alpha. Wait. She know why. An old buisness relationship that turned into a friendship that turned into... Wait, this hasn't happened yet.

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Organizing the town and surrounding territory.

Thanks to the efforts of a number of members of the community outside of the clan Serenity Falls, the town has continued to thrive as an RP location during the recent shrinkage the clan suffered. First and foremost, I want to thank those players that made that effort, veterans and new bloods alike. 

I want to handle as much of this In Character as can be done, but I opened this OOC thread for us to share as a common place to get information and try to coordinate our seperate RP storylines more smoothly.

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Serene Stone in Serenity




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Serentity Falls Nuked




*Stone arrives in Serenity with a half pound of Nuke to meet his new contact*

Stone: "Here ya go, half a pound of my very own creation, this shit is like a baby to me treat her well"

Dealer: *Scoffs* "I've heard that 'fore, everyone  thinkin' they gots the best shit..turns out most of em are full of shit."

Stone: *flashes an evil smile* "try a taste you'll see."

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Dear Diary: What day is it?

I've not been feeling to good, which is kind of a bummer considering i'm supposed to be so goddam healthy.

I think what kicked it off was a bad trip through the machine a few days ago. My skin felt like it was on fire and man did I throw up! (Kinda feel sorry for whoever came through next.) Had to sit down for a bit after that and get my strength back. Since then I just feel sorta tired all the time and every time i go through the machine again it just gets worse. And I'm forgetting things. I've spent chips, but can't remember what on. And i've been making stuff like crazy... I know I made some stuff for Shil, but I've used so many mats out of my stock and I just can't remember what I did with them. Oh and worst of all... The gun Scott made for me, it's gone.

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Double the profit


As every wednesdays, The Wastelander was going on. Two LeCartel guys : Malo Kran and Shiu were guarding the entry of the bar. The rules were clear : no one enter with his weapons. The Wastelander just started, the first customer was down the ladder, and looking to Malo and Shiu.

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Solitaire - 7 - Indecision



Why now?

Why right now? This day?

Hunter had been so good and kind to me. There was mutual attraction. Feelings are developing. And then Aulwrak drops several bombs in my lap.

1.) Deuce told Solunati that he'd kill our child to prove himself to her.

2.) He loves me.

3.) Apparently, he loves me as much as he loves Aerinn, and is now torn.

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Solitaire - 5 - Abjuration

Love is a dirty trick played on us to achieve the continuation of the species.
William Somerset Maugham
Everything is gone.

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DEVIL'S OWN [convoy side event]




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Hope Springs/Serenity Falls Trade Convoy

Following the successful first convoy, it has been agreed that the settlements of Hope Springs and Serenity Falls will send shipments of goods to each other on the second Saturday of every month.

Strengthing the bonds between settlements and ensuring mutual prosperity, this convoy will begin at 1pm EST (6pm GMT). Interested parties contact Carol Five, Deuce Sinclair, or Moltrazahn Fallmire.

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The Moveable Feast - 5 - Sublimation


Beginnings are always messy. ~John Galsworthy

These words are ammended to the bottom of the old scraps of paper and are started on new ones.


- I like Serenity Falls.

- I'm a doctor.

- I live with Deuce in Serenity in a completely platonic fashion. (As in, on the couch.)

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Happy Trails (entry 8)


((From the Diary of Keith Rawkings, spell check later))

Well I ran out of booze and was feeling more lucid than I had in a long time. My conscience started to tug on me about the shoot out. Don't ask me why. Just wanted to tell her and get the burden off of my chest. I galloped back into Serenity Falls and went right up to the mayor's office. She wasn't in. I did a little gallop around town and couldn't find her. And then I came upon one sweet site.

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Happy Trails (entry 7)


((A hastily scribbled journal entry))


Man got shot today.

He probaby aint comin' back from it neither.

I saw too much.

Gitin' the hell outta dodge. Waitin' for this to blow over.

((entry ends ubruptly))

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Happy Trails (entry 5)



((From the diary of Keith Rawkings))




Galloped like hell outa that shootout. Don’t know, don’t care anymore. Head still hurts from the bullet fragment. Kept going on north ‘til I hit that little town a Hope Springs. I saw a nice lookin’ cornfield nearby, and I thought it might be a nice place to go git drunk. But I remember goin’ on up to the edge a that field and seeing a strange site.

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The Moveable Diary - 2 - Codification


A memory is what is left when something happens and does not completely unhappen.  ~Edward de Bono

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Highway to Hell - vehicle combat

(( Boring OOC ahead - read and add proposals if you like.


 Admit it - post-Apocalyptic cities have become far more dangerous than the wasteland roads. 


>> Shocking!! :  Recent pools reveal that people are 14 times more likely to suffer an accident in the city than on the open road. Well this is about to change with this proposal for vehicle fighting to add more trouble on the road.
Read on and add what you like:

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Elysium Base

Location:Top Secret

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[Event] Vultures over Serenity


You can see it coming. Like that moment before the rain starts. The air gets thick and moist, the wind stops for a second... and then, you enjoy your last moment of peace.

What are we? Just vultures picking the bones of this post-Apocalyptic world.

I can see vultures gathering over the town of Serenity Falls these days.

Tell me stranger.. what have you seen there?


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Serenity Falls Chili Cook Off

Serenity Falls Chili Cook Off!


In celebration of the opening of the Waffle Warehouse in Serenity Falls (Devon Township), there will be a chili cook off! Come enjoy the food, enter your own recipe, win prizes!

Saturday, Januray 7th



Contest Rules:

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Serenity Falls founded.

The sounds of activity echo through the deserted streets of Devon Township, known as Despair Springs until the El Diablos massacred the settlement. One of the locals had found something useful in the canyon to the west. Rumors of silver have begun to trickle through the sector, many have come to investigate. They find a new community growing, calling itself Serenity Falls after the location of their new prosperity. New signs mark buildings through old town, marking business and employment opportunities. "Miners Wanted" here, "Geologists inquire within" there.The structures are in fair shape, for the most part. Bandits and ghosts of memories have kept it empty for too long. Now the silver draws them in, like moths to the flame.

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