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Saints Incorporated

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Gauging interest

So right, enough of my threatening and hinting at this, time to actually start doing something. So here we go:

I'm looking to re-open the Saints Incorporated clan. My thoughts are to rebuild them ICly as a construction company this time around, focusing on building farms and harvesters, as well as the extraction and trade in raw materials, in the spirit of their original mission goal which was to help rebuild the province.

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The Second Annual Wasteland Car Show

A new poster is found thrown up in each town around the Grand Canyon Province.




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A Man and His Hat


Lovers come and go. Friends are a scarce resource in a desolate world. But hats? Well, a man will only have one hat that fits him just right throughout his adult life and gives others a symbol of himself to come to know and respect, or fear if the circumstance calls for it. I was glad to have such a hat but today I've lost that one hat and with it a memory to never be regained. Something far more important than the hat that few in this world know of or have ever seen.

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La Giustifica


No excuses. I have done wrong, no good. Enforcer work has been the only constant and for that, I am thankful. For that, I am guilty of. Soon I will return to them, the Saints, not one justification curling from my tongue. I wronged a few, acted as if a child. Paid dearly for it. Several more scars line my abdomen this time, and none of them bring pleasant memories to the mind like the one lining an old tattoo on my shoulder.


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[Closed RP] White Noise: The Missing Saint

(( This thread is for a plotline that I'm running with Saints Incorporated and Iron Sights. For simplicity in management and coordination I'm keeping the participant pool low at this point in time. Participation is by invitation only. However, I figured people might be interested to follow along OOC so thus why it's in a public place. ))

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