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A Familiar Voice....

Those who would tune into the old Horizon Radio Frequency would hear this message played on a loop...



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Well, I'm dead wasteland

Howdy Wasteland, this is the Horizon Man, and if you're hear this, wellp.... I'm dead, to put it bluntly. Now I know some of you will think this is a joke, but I left specific instructions for this mesage only to be sent out should I meet my demise. My name, for those of you who didn't know, is James Franklin Greene. Now, I know some of y'all will be all sad 'n' such about this being the death of Hoirzon Radio. But, it really don't have to be, wasteland. I made this message in the hope that you, my loyal listeners, will pick a new one yourself.

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Kicking his legs up on a table full of cruel looking tools, Ardenn leaned his chair back and tucked a hand rolled smoke between his lips, the flame of the lighter casting a dancing light over the bound and gagged person on the floor beside him. The gleam of frightened eyes reflecting the flame before it went out, leaving them in the dimly lit recesses of an old flight hanger.

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(OOC) Trinity Radio


(Hello friends,well the email address is now set up!please sent comments,commercials or any jingles you want to be heard in this email address so they can be added to the streaming program!MP3 format always!thank you! addy is :  trinitysettlementradio@gmail.com  

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Club radio station

   Hello everyone, as many of you have noticed I will be starting my Brothel soon.  However I will be putting a slight twist on it to bring in a bigger crowd.  It will be in the New Flagstaff Bunker bar, and the main room will be used for dancing and will be filled with a majority of the "Dancers" who will be posted at various spots around the bar.  The backrooms are where the Brothel will be ran out of.  However, in order to run a propper club section, I will need to have good music for everyone.  How might I start a radiostation such as Demonville radio?

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Wasteland Radio - Broadcasting 24/7

Wasteland Radio Flyer


Wasteland Radio is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a playlist containing thousands of songs. We also are now opening up ourselves to advertising for the community. If you have an event coming up and want it mentioned on-air, let us know!


Wasteland Radio is On the Air!

Wasteland Radio Flyer


Wasteland Radio is on the air, brought to you through the ingenuity of resident DJ, Markus Blood.

We've managed to patch our signal through the old radio towers all over the wasteland, meaning that you can hear WLR any day, any time, whenever you want.

Wasteland Radio is all music, no talk, no BS. New music is being added all the time.

Suggestions and feedback are always appreciated.


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Demonville Radio


Greetings Everyone,

This is Jason Vader station manager of Demonville Radio.  I'm currently looking to add more FE advertising and promos to my radio line-up. Ad's can be anything like Promoting your clan, crafting ability, or event. If your interested please fell free send me message anytime.

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Humpday Hide-away Hoedown!


Hello All!

Legends of the Fall along with Demonville Radio are happy to announce another opportunity for Role Play in Fallen Earth.

Hoedown Flyer


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