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Distant memories


Karl now well rested and with light beginning to appear over a nearby hill cascading down onto the small camp he currently resided, it wasn't much but it was a respite from the wasteland. The small camp consisted of a small fireplace flanked from all angles with varying sizes of rocks a simple creation and yet so esential to life. Just beyond the fireplace laid an unfurled bedroll tattered with a collection of belongings including a rifle, the ammo for said rifle, a few pictures facing down onto to the ground and finally a small bag that contained a couple of cans of food and some water.

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(( This is what happened to Shiu while I was traveling trough the usa. She dissapeard for three weeks. This is her story. ))


Day 1 : LeCartel's villa, Sunshine corners

Got some paper... Need a break.. (Part. 1)


First time writing... I guess to keep myself in place and to stop myself from falling apart..


Woke up this morning, same dream, same feeling.. Sick and depressed, I gotta' be more careful with these shots.. This Adreneline is taking me apart if I forget.

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Archer's Inferno



((WARNING: This post contains explicit material that may be disturbing or offensive to some readers. You have been warned.))


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