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Trouble and Strife


Joe stood on the sunny pavement looking annoyed as he took a last long pull on his cigar. He flicked the remainder off into the gutter and reached for the big brass latch to the imposingly solid front door of his ammunition factory. Whichever eagle-eyed urchin was the first out of the factory at the end of the day would have themselves the unexpected reward of a full half of one of Joe's cigars.

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The Business End

((More than 2 years ago, I left FE. Here it a story about how it ended between Henerkin and the Travelers, his retirement and a bit of an intro for his comeback))

The Business End

2 years ago - Banker's Hole

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Dear Diary: ... but a good end.


Whew I'm bushed... and filthy too, don't know how I'm going to get the oil stains out of this jacket.

Anywho, the Orphans Donation Caravan thing that Lost organised was a blast. I thought we were, you know, just gonna be dishing out stuff to the refugees from the explosion thing that happened there... and we did that too, but Lost had me scaving for bike bits and then cleaning them up (half the time I didn't even know what the bits were) and getting them ready for her to put together into two whole new bikes. At first I though she just trying to get me out of her hair, but she taught me stuff all the time i was doing it so that by the end I had a pretty good idea what makes a bike go vroom.

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Orphans caravan to Oilville [event]


>>> note: this event has nothing to do with the bombing of Oilville - it is just a story that shares the same area <<<

Using this saboteur attack in Oilville as an excuse I will head out to Sector 1 with clothes, armor and food offering help to any RP-ers I meet on the way.
Feel free to join in this open RP event, I have already contacted 2 people in S1 and will hopefully meet them there.

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