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Drifer Among the Wastelands


Evening sunset; somewhere between Oilville, and Depot 66..............................




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A shot at an honest job


 Devon Township, a quiet morning  

I never had this. A radio in my backpocket. A simple way out. Click - come help me - click. So easy. A crew that would shoot and kill just to protect one of its own. This changed my perception about most of the guys that I always thought so cool in the past. Being a member of a large crew is so much easier than being on your own in this forgotten desert. I was so stupid. I was not doing it right... all this time.

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Canyon Crime Report Radio

Canyon Crime Report Radio is a neutral radio station that reports on Crime within the canyon and surrounding districts. Though the use of investigative journalism and gossip-mongering, the station is well equipped to report on any illicit activities in the greater region. Also used as news network the station will make announcement and official statement by Law Enforcement.


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Thomas just finished telling his tale. How his family and he were trying to leave Alpha for a better life when they had been caught and all except him had been slain. From what Thomas told, Subdane had come to the conclusion that the monster they faced was some kind of Siren or Changed One like those that existed in Kaibab forest. Perhaps the man-hunters were abducting the refugees and experimenting on them, the monster could have been an outcome of that. Thomas had not seen Sorja and that fact were received by Subdane with mixed emotions.

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Bagged and Gagged [ The Farm ]


“The past is a gaping hole. You try to run from it, but the more you run, the deeper, more terrible it grows behind you, its edges yawning at your heels.
Your only chance is to turn around and face it.

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The Bloodfang: Merry Christmas


What was going through his mind as he walked up behind the girl, no older than 17 or 18? Not a single thought. Mind blank as a piece of paper.

The black haired girl turned down an alley. "Do they always make it this easy?" Darious turned the corner to the dark alley quickly approached the girl from behind, his padded feet leaving the gravel below them undisturbed. For a moments notice a thought creeped into his mind. A mind which didn't belong to him anymore. "Why am I doing this?"  "Because it's for thhhheeemmmmm." A second voice answered back.

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Heart at Work


(eye tattoo not like actual just there as example since silja say she draw it)

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<<Waking up in cloner with massive headache and yelling>> 'not again!!'

<<Grabbing gas mask and leather clothes from car, suiting up, then peeling off back towards the NFPD station>>

<<Staring at chains on front doors and starting bang on locks with shotgun then hearing voice behind>> 'officer?'

'hey mister!  can ya get this offa door for me?  i gotta get in and check and clean things!  big mess!  bad gas inside!'

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Serene Stone in Serenity




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She had never thought about Joe having an apartment. She had never thought of Joe living... anywhere. She had certainly never thought that he could cook.

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Somewhere where it's easy


(( As some may know, I always write while listening music. All types of music. This day, I was listening a song on youtube. Two boys, playing ukulele. The video inspired me this entry. Enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3VmU9NjCPA&feature=plcp ))

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A bigger plan


((When the lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say : "Come and see !". Then another horse came out. A fiery red one. It's rider was given power to take peace from earth and to make men slay each other.

- Revelations 6:3-4 NIV))

New Flagstaff,

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Explosive buisness


New Flagstaff,

Shiu was talking with Aulwrak, at the pond. About things. But she was still looking everywhere, while talking. Looking for cops. She has nothing against them. But They'll probably won't like if they find out what she was doing.

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It's just buisness.


New Flagstaff, yesterday.

Shiu left the bar, north of town. She gaved them the way to contact family if these gangsters need weapons. She was amazed. NFPD was doing a great job in this town. So few criminality, even these guys in this bar. She was used to bars filled with "bad boys". When she entered, she just noticed two armed guys. Only two. New Flagstaff's gangsters needs weapon. So she ordered beers with Beef.

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Silver Trail day 1


((This is a 3 day RP event taking place in these forums and in game. A post will be made every day as the story unfolds whichever way it goes. There is a huge in-game bounty if you can solve the mystery. If not, just enjoy reading. Good luck.)






Chapter 1


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Jails & Bruises


The big flat knife blade was cold and soothing as she pressed it on the swollen temple.

 "Aaaaaah that feels good", who would have thought that weapons can be such a relief from pain - she thought.

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NFPD Headquarters

The first person to happen across the N.F.P.D. headquarters in New Flagstaff will have a bit of a shock.  The far left door has a hole where the lock once was, and a CHOTA symbol painted in blood on the front.  The middle door has what resembles the face of a mohawked man drawn in blood, and the last door has a rough sketch of a pig on a spit, a CHOTA symbol on its upturned belly. 

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1:26 PM (Omega Three..., Part 69)


Entry 145
Book 6
Time; The Thirteenth Hour
Date; First week of December, 2158

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