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Darmody's Story - Rattle snake Outpost

It's been 2 months... I've ventured back and fourth out of the village in that fraction of time. But for the past month and a half I was out of the village. I went to visit other cities and outposts, there was one completely walled up by survivors. They had Enforcer tents, military issued equipment. None of them were military however.
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New Enforcer

So I used to play this game a while ago but never did look into the RP for this game. Anyway I came back yesterday and thought I would see how it was like.

After watching some people RPing in S2 I decided to give it a try I have not done much RP. I have wanted to but its quite difficult to start with no friends in the game :D.

I was going to look around on the fallen earth forum but noticed someone had linked this website which is better. Though I was put of by what looks like a lack of activity at least on the forums :(.

Great Site for Beginners

Okay, I'm very new to the game and I cannot find anything good to help me get started. So I found something just now and I thought, "I should share this for other people like me".

Fallen Earth on Altered Gamer

It looks to be a very good source of information for anybody new to the game.

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Greetings and Salutations! :)

Well hi there!


My name is Theira. I'm a refugee from that game called TOR. I lead an RP guild there on the Lord Adraas server, but I guess it's not as shiney. But mostly, my schedule being hectic and busy with home life and work, I just don't have the time or the energy to devote to creating as much RP for people as I thought I did.


New to the Wasteland

((Hi ya'll, I started playing FE about a week ago so I havent really learned enough to develop a full character BG yet, but I'll fill it in as I go))

A young woman is sitting in the corner of a small shop. Light filters through what remains of the dirty broken windows, illuminating the workbenches around her. The benches are cluttered with small bits of salvaged metals and empty shell casings waiting to be repacked. As the door opens and the small bell hanging from it rings she turns to greet her first customer of the day. "G'Afternoon, What can I do for ya?".....

New and Seeking a Home

((All OOC))

Hello everyone. I recently (i.e. yesterday) just started to get back into FE and started a new account as a way to both get a fresh look on things as well as provide some monetary support for the devs Cool

Considering that I am still such a low level, I am curious as to my chances of getting into an RP guild (clan, faction, w/e it may be called). I was actually quite surprised that there was such a decent following in this game and I have to say it really swayed my decision to come back full-time. There is such an increased level of involvement in any game where you can immerse yourself in a virtual persona and I really haven't had any positive experiences with RP in other games.

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