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Darmody's Story - Rattle snake Outpost

It's been 2 months... I've ventured back and fourth out of the village in that fraction of time. But for the past month and a half I was out of the village. I went to visit other cities and outposts, there was one completely walled up by survivors. They had Enforcer tents, military issued equipment. None of them were military however.

Hello to all FERPers!

And a good day as well! I just wanted to borrow a quick moment of your time to introduce myself. I'm a RPer looking to break a four-year hiatus from a hobby that has brought me great joy in the past. I'm not looking to join any guilds or factions right now but only because I want Kiest to have some time to be shaped up by the wastelands. I will interact with any and all RP within the game and will do my best to be as interesting and engaging with my make-shift narratives as the rest of my new fellow members of the RP community.

Hello Everyone

Greetings everyone, I just started playing FE and am interested in joining the RP community. I honestly have minimal RP experience but am very open to learning how to properly do it in an online game. So if anyway has any tips and tricks for a newbie or has a few moments to help me get started in the community just message me in-game.

If relevant I'm aiming to make a crafting/trading based character. I will work on her background a little more as I learn the game lore and get a better understanding of what is acceptable.

                 -Eden Mackenna

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Who is Lucci and where is Exneal?

((Hi everyone! Just wanted to drop a quick OOC not explaining what's going on with my characters at the moment.))


((Maybe a few of you remember one of the three entries I posted when I was playing my character Exneal Saton before I fell off the map. Well, some RL complications came up and so I quit the game for a time. However, I'm back now and with a new character I'm dying to RP. His name is Lucci (pronounced Lutzi) and I plan on making him a heavy armor rifle guy. As of yet, I'm not sure wether I should take him CHOTA or Enforcer, but I'll get back to you on that.))

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