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The Bloodfang: Merry Christmas


What was going through his mind as he walked up behind the girl, no older than 17 or 18? Not a single thought. Mind blank as a piece of paper.

The black haired girl turned down an alley. "Do they always make it this easy?" Darious turned the corner to the dark alley quickly approached the girl from behind, his padded feet leaving the gravel below them undisturbed. For a moments notice a thought creeped into his mind. A mind which didn't belong to him anymore. "Why am I doing this?"  "Because it's for thhhheeemmmmm." A second voice answered back.

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Happy Trails (entry 7)


((A hastily scribbled journal entry))


Man got shot today.

He probaby aint comin' back from it neither.

I saw too much.

Gitin' the hell outta dodge. Waitin' for this to blow over.

((entry ends ubruptly))

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Another murder victim, this time in Serenity Falls (Devon)


(A young woman hangs nailed to the doors of the wafflehouse in Serenity Falls, her legs have been crossed and her arms widely spread. Her abdomen has been been cut open and her guts are spilling out. Bruices on her neck indicates she might have been strangled, her throat has been cut and her tongue hangs out of a small incision under her chin. Some of her internal organs have been removed, her eyelits are nailed to her skull. and her ears have been clipped off. The word 'SUFFER' has been written on the walls.

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Hack Scudder Chronicles : Episode 2a : Aces and Eights


((As threa....er....'promised', In an effort to show comparison between the rumor and 'tall tale' and sometimes 'Episodic TV' nature of the stories in the Hack Scudder chronicles, I've typed up a bit of a 'what really happened that day' around the fight at the Empty Trough. I think I may continue with this, having the Chronicles themselves play out as if clips from a tv series or movie, made a bit larger than life and full of hearsay, with journals and these 'what really happened' episodes in between, showing the heart of the stories. anyway, Enjoy!))

Edit:(moved this one to a proper post rather than an addendum to Part 2 of the Chronicles, once I realized it was every bit as long as the original. Moving along...Also changed the names of the two around, thought it was more fitting)

"Looks like we'll just be takin all the money....."

Hunted hunters


* as usual : plz forgive the quality of my english, critiques and help are welcome *

In the corner of a bunker-bar, two men spent most of the night waiting.

"I think she's not gonna show up tonight.
-What did you expect Josh ? You seen , like I did, how much she's worth.
-Guess ya're right..."
Thirty "reds" That's a huge reward for a single woman.

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Counting Coup - 2


[ Note: The Explicit tag is used for a reason. If you have any problems with descriptive sex and/or violence this plot line is not for you. This space also provides that no such explicit scenes are seen on the front page. ]


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