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Another rising sun




Kaibab Forest, somewhere around Trader's Flat

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"With Love from Kay"


Hope Springs, yesterday

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A Sister Intervenes

     Kaatesh goes to the yard behind her house. She opens her bag and begins to take out several small items. Nearby, a low hanging branch rustles in the wind. Kaat's attention snaps to it. She walks over to the tree and looks at it lovingly. "May I borrow that?" she questions the tree. The tree rustles again in the wind as though responding. She gently breaks off the branch and carries it back over to her bag. Sitting on the ground, Kaat takes out a knife and quickly whittles a tip to the branch. She stands again and begins to draw a large circle on the ground using the sharpened branch.

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Happy Trails (entry fiftee*crossed out* entry 16)


((From the diary of Keith Rawkings))

Women...are vexing creatures...

It had a been a little while since I last seen Ghostlyn in tha bar. Ol Rawkings was bein a good boy. I was tryin real hard not to hit on any gals. I was hopin' ta see her again soon, but I knew dang well if I slipped up it would probably git back ta her. People talk.
But still, goin from 100 ta zero in a day is tough.

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Happy Trails (entry 14)


((From the Diary fo Keith Rawkings))

Man shit is finally startin to look in ma favor. I'm like approachin cloud nine so fast, aint no one gonna shoot me down, not even that "Maverick" from that old Top Gun movie.
Do I believe in fate? Maybe...
As fate would have it, I walked into that bar door down at Hope Springs, and who did I see sitting there?
Hmm I jist lovee the sound a that name. Kinda gives me that goosepimples. Spooky right?

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Random Rawkings


((scribbles on paper))


Roses r red


Violets r blue


Some women like flowers..


And others...


Prefer to make a man's head into a canoe..


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HappyTrails (entry 13)


((from the diary of Keith Rawkings))

Man I am bushed! And speakin' a bush... What a night.
I don' got me some good dancin' practice with tha ladies last night at this party in New Flagstaff. Hosted by none other than tha Zombie King.  He don't look much like a zombie. More like in a trance. Good tunes though, so I aint complainin'.

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Happy Trails (entry elev--*line is crossed out here*(entry 12)


((From the Diary of Keith Rawkings))

I think I am in love. Oh my, I am jist so xcited 'bout it. the birds, the bees, even the trees seem preddier now. Ah,but first, maybe I should rewind...

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A romantic evening with Wichita & Vader


* notice the scorpions and dead body how romantic *

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Cooking with Class (4) - Eva's Journey


Eva floated, face toward the sky, wearing nothing but a bra and panties. She smiled to herself as she looked up at the night sky. So much had changed in the last few days.

He loved her. Of that she was certain, even though he had never actually said it. He would only state that he adored her. But it was enough.

The roller coaster they traveled to simply get there had been great.

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