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The All-Clone theory


A theory about the world of Fallen Earth

Premise: in a sealed-off environment, you can control everything.

The year is not  2156. 
The history that you are familiar with - is false.
Shiva virus is a lie. 

Something did happen around the 2050 that is far more terrible than global nuclear war and virus outbreak. 
Since the incident, the Earth is totally uninhabitable by humans. There were no human survivors. None. The Earth has fallen.

Nailing down Mutations - a guide

I've seen a few posts on accepted lore of mutations, but it seems like no-ones done an in depth guide in them. Going through what I've been able to collect, I offer you my view on mutations. Hopefully we can work out an "official" post on mutations for guideline purposes. I repeat guideline. I don't want this to be the end-all-be-all on mutations. This should just help new rp-ers have a base to jump off of.  Please leave critiques!

Lore Tool

Greetings i am Thrillchase, Hazmat in FE and Developer of the fallen earth tool.

I am here to ask and put forth a request for information of a specific nature which i will include in a list below, all information will be used in my tool in some way.

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Hazmat Request


This was posted last week on the forums by a current Hazmat (But he may not retain the position for long).

His idea is pretty interesting, its kind of a stand alone app that runs in its own little system with multiple sections on core lore, staff fiction, fanfiction and RP lore. He's asking for anything people want to donate, art, videos, stories, any kind of community created fiction around the game.

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Taking Things for Granted - Lore Discussion

It's been a while since we've had a good lore thread going, and with the recent destruction of the HS greenhouse and the special plants therein, I thought I'd start one for a friendly, open discussion.

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