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A Dusty Journal

Dear Jornal,

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Becoming the Monster


Madness...........................it's a funny thing to contemplate.  For some they try to avoid it and put some form of logic or even pseudo logic into it to explain things.  For others it's a cause of an obsession, to turn genius as a legitimate reason to become a god.  For others they simple accept the risk of genius and become mad by default.  Yet the real question is, if madness is like a disease?  Then why obsess to perfect something so in comprehensable that you would risk of becoming another one of the nut jobs that are locked away in some institution for the world to forget.

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Day 406; Wasteland camp; just before dawn.


     ...Okay, it's day 406 here in Sector One; Supply caches are intact around my camp (I really can't believe no one has dug them up yet... I'm gone long enough most days for them to slip in).  I'm low on ammo, and a damn creeper chewed through my crossbow's string so I'm gonna have to head back to embry for a new one tomorrow (pissed as I am, the way that oversized insect whimpered away when the string whipped it's upper left mandible off was absolutely PRICELESS).  Oh, and on a side note: I'll have to start transfering my other entries into this PDA some day (thanks again to that White Crow for that post-humous donation), the typing will take some getting used too, but it'll be better than paying for scraps of paper and half empty ink wells all the time.

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Damnable Diaries | The Audio Diary of Dren Svatkopf | Log K-8732


{ Note: Italics are actions. Non-italics are Dren speaking. }

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A Lost Soldier Log Tape Part. 1


---Log 1.


Sergeant Keigoris Sarkov - Ranger of the United State Army.


This will be my recording for my first day as a replicated copy of the first Keigoris Sarkov, I will keep these recording going while i brave the new world torn by the flame of the ancient world..

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Journal of the last Reincarnation of Ghenghis Khan - Page 1

The start of a brand new chapter in the life of I, Khan, The last Reincarnation of the great Mongolion Warlord Ghengis Khan. As I traveled through the depths of the Moscow Metro, escaped the  burnt out remains of a nuclear holocaust ridden city and crossed the ice lands that were once the great Motherland; I crossed into Alaska over a great Icescape and traveled the land that was  once the North America's.

Submission type:
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Pro Bono Publico


[A blank leather bound diary, all the pages are blank except the first three.]


[Page 1]

Samantha Lockhart


If found please have the riders track my ass down and give this to me COD, I am the only Samantha Lockhart in the province so it shouldn't be hard.


[The rest of the page is decorated with the following...]



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John Rose Audio Diary ( planned for the V 1.0 John Rose, not to be considered Canon )

You come across some audio tapes, you either bought em, stole em... maybe even found em, if found, they were found out in the open as if someone wanted them found.  You press play on the recorder ...

Entry #1

*The voice of a youngish european man is heard, he speaks in what you think is Russian for a bit then speaks english*

Submission type:

First Entry In a While.


((Forgive the writing style here, this would be my first 'log' style post regarding this character and Im sure wherre it wont be the last, some folks will not necessarily appreciate the style and manner in which it is written, remember it is written from the views of my character, and as such will be written how he wrote it, not necessarily for the joy of the reader, though I can only hope that you take some joy in reading it!))

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