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A rare sighting


On a hot summer night like this, Beau's Tavern is a welcome sight to all those weary riders coming down that dusty south road. It may be warm outside, but it's cool inside just like the heart of the bald clone walking in through the main door. Rugged leather jacket zipped all the way up to his collar, a clean patch of skin around his eyes where the riding goggles used to sit and a pair of milky eyes that scream for a drink. What does this freak of the road want here?

The truth is, this rider only craves a drink. Something to cool down his tongue and something to make that red dust of Northfield's road in his mouth easier to swallow down. He turns and makes his way to the bar and at that moment the patrons can see the crossed symbols and letters on the back of his jacket. Their eyes go wide, and more than one of them feel something fishy about the whole thing but they know better than to ask out loud.

Facing the grim rider, the barman can't understand what the commotion in the back is about, but like any professional he quickly remmembers the drink associated with the face of an old customer. He places a glass and fills it with some lukewarm straight gin, a terrible way to drink what is already a terrible enough liquid.

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A story for a Campfire...


(( Posted in chatlog format today ))

You are soothed by the campfire's warmth.
Atilla Revived watches with what might be a smirk to see if he drinks
[Melinda Verinian] says: Thanks Lani.
[Lee Korben] says: I shouldnt drink
[Nerlani] says: your welcome Prez.
Agression pouts at the sent. "Smells like alcohol."
[Atilla Revived] says: not much
[Nerlani] says: <goes back to where she was sitting>
[Atilla Revived] says: fermented mares milk, good
Melinda Verinian wraps her arm around Lee, and takes a sip from her beer.

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Steel & Family

"Ye aint Farmin' taenight, Eagle Eyes!" The old biker's alcohol-stained voice interrupted the music he'd been listening to as he leaned against a post in the fence around his small farm. "Git yer ass to Flagstaff!"

The Ride - Hosted By Iron Sights

Hey everyone, Melinda here. Just thought I would drop in and let everyone know, that yes the Ride is still a happening deal.

Every Thursday night at 6:00 PM PST. All factions welcome!!! We start at Beauvilles Tavern and let the wind take us where

it may. Well that and the booze, and the herb, and the... You get the idea.

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Eagles Eyes


The whine of his dirt bike eased off as he crested the hill and started coasting down the hill  from the canyon shelf that the road to Pass Chris cut through. A faded patchwork of black and grey leather making up his jacket and riding chaps, the bird's mask he was always seen with cutting the air flow in front of his face as he hunkered over the beast. His sights on the canyon below and considered trying to beat his record time to get to his customers and deliver the goods, when he saw something unusual further down the road.

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Playing FE on "HARD" mode



She needed noise.. A fine noise to flush out her conflicting feelings now. Lost started revving the engine - screams of smoke coming out from the back as she was deciding at full speed what turn to take on the crossroad ahead. As the noise got louder her thoughts became sluggish, calm and tamed.

There was a slow moment of peace in her mind.

"There is always a way out!" she yelled as the bike didn't turn left nor right at the crossroad - instead continuing straight off the road, through the bumpy wasteland.


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Los Salvajes

((Among the ISMC, there are now members that will be seen with light gray, almost white kuttes.  These are members of an inner group of the MC known as Los Salvajes(The Savages).  These members will be available for RP and RP conflicts, and as long as their kutte is visible they are to be considered as IC.  Los Salvajes will be the strongarm of ISMC.  If a conflict comes up between ISMC and another clan for instance, these will be the members involved.  These will be the 1%er members, their actions sticking as close to the roots of ISMC as possible.


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Burning all Hope

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Jails & Bruises


The big flat knife blade was cold and soothing as she pressed it on the swollen temple.

 "Aaaaaah that feels good", who would have thought that weapons can be such a relief from pain - she thought.

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the fight club



**wet thumping sounds**


- Fucking morons!"

**more repetitive thumping sounds**


- Calling Iron Sights bikers as mere bookies for your event eh? **sounds of a sweat soaked punchbag being punished**

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1:34 PM (Freedom,... Part 79)


Entry 157
Book 7
Time; Afternoon
Date; Mid Febuary, reflecting on January (Recapping Jan 20th - 27th)

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10:10 AM (Growth,... Part 78)

Entry 156
Book 7
Time; Early O'clock
Date; Reflecting on January...

I haven't written in a while. It's been two, maybe three weeks since my last entry, and that entry was just trying to remember the few weeks before that. Things have just been moving too damn quickly and getting so complicated that I haven't really honestly had time to pull out my pen and notebook and write even five words. I'm finally getting a moment to breathe on my patrol of Haietta's walls, after fighting off --

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6:14 PM (New Years,... Part 74)


Entry 152
Book 6
Time; Mid-Afternoonish...
Date; First Week of 2159...



Fever Dreams


 ((This is all OOC unless you were at Hope Springs the night this happened, or if you heard IC'ly on clan radio))

Shemei walks back into the Black Beer Bar, trailing after Anahata.  Big and she have just patched up the leg wound Ana  got from Luvana.  Earlier Luv had been totally out of control lashing out at everyone and anyone, now she sits at the bar with Sharkdog, drinking, cutting up and playing with that skull.

What have I done?? (an IC story)

As I sit in my car, looking in my rearview mirror at myself, I begin to tremble, thinking of the events that happened to me resently...

First, there was Iron Sights. They had tricked me into going to the station to file a robbery report. Little did I know, it was a set up, for them to jump me, and perform the bikers tradition of beating up a member who leaves the group. When it was over, I went to the Bunker Bar, all battered up, and the Badgers swore they would retaliate.

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Wasteland Asylum

This week's Asylum was inspired by recent other parties I've DJ'd. It will also be the introduction of the all new ISMC Clubhouse.


Music will be hot and heavy, mixing tracks you won't hear on the usual rotation with some of my personal faves from the 24/7 broadcast. As always, all requests are welcome!


Traveller... with a conscience?? (Part 2)

(( Potty mouth warning..))

"What the FUCK??!!", I scream, tossing my jacket onto my hotel bed, then flopping down upon it on my back, faceing the ceiling.

Turning my head to look over at my teddy bear lying on the pillow next to me, I quickly snatch it up, and sit cross-legged on the bed. Holding the bear in front of me, I begin having a 'converstion' with it.

"Why the hell did he do that?"

Wasteland Radio Official Launch Party

WLR Launch Party Poster


The time has come for WLR's first live show! I, Markus Blood, will be there keeping the songs going and taking all your requests well into the night.

Come relax after the crafter's fair with the best hard rocking party since the world went all to hell; Wasteland Radio's official launch party will blow the roof off Beauville's and could turn into a weekly event.

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