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Iron Sights

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The Business End

((More than 2 years ago, I left FE. Here it a story about how it ended between Henerkin and the Travelers, his retirement and a bit of an intro for his comeback))

The Business End

2 years ago - Banker's Hole

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a paper house

(( whatever you read here, burn it from your IC memory. Usually I don't care much about this but since my ex club is mentioned I am quite serious in keeping inner MC deals as a secret.))

*writing is all pretty curves*

Dear Diary,

Stopping at the Sunshine Corners gas station today I noticed a dozen of bikes parked there. A strong smell of "there is something wrong here" getting through the petrol. I rode into town.. real slow.

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Iron Sights Motorcycle Club

Iron Sights Motorcycle Club is the oldest outlaw MC in the wastes, and we're looking for new prospects with the grit to ride with us.  If you are a Traveler, Tech, or CHOTA who agrees with the statement "Two wheels or walk!" and feels the need to give law enforcement the middle finger, contact Robert Angus or any IS member to enquire about prospecting.

We offer family, support, a warm clubhouse, and the potential for profit.  We also have connections to the Traveler families in Credit Bend and Banker's Hole, offering even greater opportunities for chips and infamy.

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1:26 PM (Omega Three..., Part 69)


Entry 145
Book 6
Time; The Thirteenth Hour
Date; First week of December, 2158

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Reavers looking for work.

Reavers have been discussing the idea of two man teams going to each clan, to RP, and basically spend a week with the clan. Basic thought for us was to start trouble, Each clan would be different, each clan would give us their own set of rules they won't tolerate happening. (( IE. Rape, mutilation, The stuff that makes people squirm. )) For example, Aiid could go into NF to start trouble again with the badgers, at the end of the week, they could capture him, jail him, put him on trial, excute him, or study him, whatever that clan would decide to do. If your uncomfortable with the idea, don't sign up... this isn't about forcing our evil RP onto people, it's about making RP that is unique for your character.

If clan wide does not suit your clan, Reavers are usually willing to do evil deeds, we have your villians. Just contact one and speak to them.

The Personal Journal of Markus Blood: Entry 001


     I’ve read that journaling can be good for a person, so I’ve decided to make an attempt. This will be my first time at writing something strictly non-technical, so I am doing my best to document the experience as I go. The grand question is: where to start?


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Jesse Lee "Jesco" Wylde: The end of the line.

((Warning: This man did very bad things to very bad people. I almost shelved this toon for more than a year and I am bringing him back))


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One Year of Rides

People know us for the Thursday's parties in Beauville's Tavern but we do a lot of other things. Among those, we ride every Tuesdays along with Iron Sights and a few other friends.

We have been doing those for over a year now and took screenshots at a the start of most of em, so here they are.

One Year of Rides:

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Throwdown at the Hoedown

Yeah, it'd been a helluva cuppla weeks.

Those in tha know, knew abouts Alicia becomin' the leader of Iron Sights.  First gal ever as a leader of a biker club an shit.  There was misunderstandins' on how it went down but regardless, she was followin' up on Doc Scott missin' an tryin' to do her best fer keepin' the club runnin' after Ritter lost it.  I'd been helpin', shit, if he's gotta chance, only Doc Scott can helps, but thats anuther story... 

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