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Family reunions - loose ties


Hanne Berg sat on the stool at the end of the bar in Trader Flats.  She rotated the half full glass of now well-past-room-temperature beer once more on its place mat. Hanne hated waiting around in bars, a woman alone in a bar is attracts all manner of low-life and no-hoper men wanting to 'buy her a drink'.

Hanne smirked to herself. At least she had inherited her fathers cold steel nordic eyes. Her well practiced cold-stare could stop even the most ardent bar-pest in his tracks.

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There are many layers and usually there are tears. (Continuation of the Onion thing)


Iceland is a pretty place if you like lots of snow, volcanos, mud and a language that makes you go squinty eyed trying to even understand it, never mind speak it. But despite its 'features' Iceland looked damned attractive to the good folks at LifeNet. Now this might have been because of the island's unique geologic and climatic conditions. Or it might have been for its, well...... remoteness. I don't know, but they built a research facility there anyway.

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