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hope springs

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Wasteland Asylum

Didn't really have time for a poster this week, but I want everyone to know that the party is on tonight for anyone that wants to come. That said, there is also no unifying theme this week, so Jeri gave me a show name suggestion...


Wasteland Asylum presents

Markus' Musical Mystery Tour!

Live from Hope Springs!


I have no idea what is going to make the playlist tonight!


Hope Springs Eternal Volume 2 Issue 7

Loading the last armful of freshly printed newspapers onto her bike, the young woman begins her delivery rounds.

Its a beautiful early morning and most of the town is not yet stirring. Stopping first at the Hope Springs Boarding House, she leaves a larger than usual stack of papers as there has been an influx of new refugees to the town. The next stop is the Hope Springs Clinic and Spa where she leaves several copies also. As she passes Old Man Bailey's house, she manages to toss the rolled up newspaper neatly into the flowerpot beside the door just as Bailey himself is opening the door to head out on his customary morning walk throught the town.

Two streets over, while swerving the bike to avoid a stray skindog sleeping in the middle of the street, she accidentally sends a copy of the paper through someones bedroom window.

Hope Springs Eternal Volume 2 Issue 6

The young woman pulls the first run of the paper from the press and giving it a quick once over, laughs out loud and dances around the press room of the Hope Springs Newspaper Office. Coming up against a bale of rough paper with an audible thump, she stumbles and then turns an icipient fall into quickly sitting down on that bale of paper. As she catches her breath, she looks over the paper critically. Its not perfect, the paper is overly bleached, and some of the inks are not quite the color she wanted but all in all, she is overjoyed at the improvements that she has been able to make since she began studying with the Techs at Picus Ridge and Chemtown.

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The First Morning

The morning sunlight pouring through the windows wakes Markus, Jeri still asleep in his arms. Slowly he rises, taking great care not to wake the woman who has come to mean the world to him. He grabs his shirt as he makes for the door and continues down the hall to the kitchen.  Opening the fridge, he is presented with limited options; a reminder that Jeri said she used the stove more for softening scrap metal than cooking. Not wanting to wake her yet, he slips on his shirt and heads barefoot to his bike.

Hope Springs Eternal Volume 2 Issue 5

In the predawn darkness, a young woman exits the Hope Springs Newspaper office. Her arms are full of neatly rolled and tied newspapers. Carefully she packs them into the saddlebags on her bike. Twice more, she repeats this process. Finally, she makes one last trip and straps a crate of scrap glass, and a large object made of chunks of old tires and shaped like a dog toy to the back of her bike.

Starting her bike, she heads out into the quiet streets. Slowly she cruises the dark streets of the town. Carefully she tosses a rolled newspaper on each doorstep trying very hard to avoid breaking any windows this week.

Stopping at the beginning of the main street, she lets the bike idle and waits quietly in the darkness until she sees "Old Man Bailey" leave his house to take his morning constitutional through the streets of the town. Once he is safely on his way, she tosses his copy of the paper into the empty flowerpot next to his front door.

Hope Springs Eternal Volume 2, Issue 4

In the faint light of the pre-dawn, the door to the Hope Springs Newspaper Office opens. A young woman slips quietly out into the day with an armfull of rolled and tied newspapers. Making several such trips she loads up her bike. As she heads off on the delivery route, the bike engine stutters slightly. With a sigh, the young woman makes a mental note to drop it off at Ratchet's for a check-over and tune-up.

Hope Springs Eternal Volume 2 Issue 3

In the early hours of a Sunday morning, a young woman looks wearily out the window of the Hope Springs newspaper office. Noticing it is raining, she reaches into a large wooden crate and pulls out handfuls of large square pieces of plastic. Carefully rolling each copy of the freshly printed Hope Springs Eternal in a piece of plastic, she ties off the individual bundles and carries them out to her bike. Returning to the office, she bundles together two stacks of copies of the paper and wraps them in plastic also.

Hope Springs Eternal Volume 2 Issue 2

The predawn silence of Hope Springs is broken by the sound of a lone motorcycle slowly cruising up and down each street. At each house, a rolled newspaper thumps onto the front steps. The final stops include the Hope Springs Waffle House where a stack of newspapers is neatly left on the porch. At the Mayoral Residence, a crate of scrap glass is placed on the steps with a rolled newspaper left on top of the crate.

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[RP] Ratchet's Garage Catalog and Grand Opening July 9th 2158, 7pm Est.

((This is finally gonna happen, Ratchet is gonna open his garage in Hope Springs and the catalog is ready in pdf))

*you recieve this catalog in your mail with a short message*

"Ratchets Garage will open its doors on Saturday July 9th 2158.

Come visit us! Meet Chop-Top the Hermit Crab our mascot, enjoy the car themed live radio and outstanding deals in the fine town of Hope Springs.

x:4340382 y:5354762

- Ratchet Davenport"

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Hope Springs Wafflehouse promo flyer 2


(Special thanks to Nevets Hopebringer, cleanest person in the wastes, for informing me of my busted dryer and Ratchet Davenport for fixing said dryer.)

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The continued lifestory of a Wafflehouse Chef.

From the journal of Marcus Blade, Hope Springs Wafflehouse Chef.


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[Yay for swear words! Apologies as well for what turned out to be a more self-indulgent post than I'd intended. While it's a plot involving a small number of people, I didn't know where else to post something like this. Thank you for your patience :D]



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Piece of the Pie



[Mei and Friends Swear-Like-Sailors Happy Fun Time Corner below.]




"Siddown, Mei. You look like shit."

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The continued lifestory of a Wafflehouse Chef.


Some reprieve today.. though only some. Ardenn aka. the talking Lemon came by with 2 persons. One being Beroya; the .. *expletives scribbled out afterwards* and a woman, didn't talk much which was fine by me. I didn't have need for conversation right now anyway. Ardenn wondered what the bandage on my arm was about.. it's a poor fashion statement obviously, what else? God forbid I wear it because I'm fucking wounded.

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The continued lifestory of a Wafflehouse Chef in pain.


(( For OOC use, as always, only. Oh and language too.))

*The following entry is more scribbled and erratic than usual.*


Oh what a day! First Beroya comes by asking a "delicate" question, which has about all the delicacy of a sledgehammer. Turns out there was a bit of a mess up the last time Aiidoneus visited, apparently he took hostages according to our priest, which was untrue. Beroya came to check up on this, then bitched about how he shot someone because of false info and so on. Didn't really care, if he's such a pro he should've it investigated himself.

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The continued lifestory of a Wafflehouse Chef in cleansing.

Continued personal Journal of Marcus Blade.


Ooh what a day! First day I can't drink, smoke or have decent sex, or sex at all for that matter. Curse the bastard who invented this cleansing ritual. On the bright side, Amaurosia seems pleased that I'm willing to put up with it.

Later that evening a woman, dressed in what appeared to be rags and was painted all over her face, came by. Never gave me her name, declined all the sweet items on the menu and decided to just sit about. John and Jacob knew her apparently so I guess it's all good.

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Life as a Wafflehouse Chef.

((Crude language -on occassion- and thinly veiled sexual innuendo -alot more- Ahoy. You've been warned.))

Personal Journal of Marcus Blade, once wasteland wanderer, now "humble" chef at the Waffle Warehouse (henceforth named Wafflehouse for my convenience).

- Whoever thought hanging up the guns and becoming a chef would've been the easy life? Me. That's who. Goddamn stupid and naive that was...

A&A "Spring" Fashion Show Competition in Hope Springs

A half-side column in the local newspaper editions of the main cities in the wastelands contains the following information:

A&A Fashion invites you to join the

A&A "Spring" Fashion Show Competition


Hope Springs ((Barret Manor in s2))


April 24th, 2158 - 4pm EST (22:00 Euro)


U7 Security Report




Arrived in Embry crossroads to assist with Enforcer Promotions Campaign as part of elective community service program.

Fielded several inquiries from aspiring candidates.

Dispelled rumors that Unit Seven is in any way connected with the war Criminal Alec Masters.

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Hekate's Letters - Jan 21

((This was written the morning after the rally, before any further developments happened in the plotline.  I just haven't had time IRL to get it finished up and posted before now.  This letter is provided for OOC entertainment purposes and not to be used for IC information unless you somehow find it.))

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Guns and Coffee


It was filler, nothing more. Entertainment for the brutish savages that though once may have lurked in cigar lounges and chatted up in round tables or freemasonry about life and its seemingly endless constraints, now sharpened spears or forged ammunition for a raid the next day or valiant defense from it. While it was filler the evening was entertainment all the same. Even in the desolate Wastes sapient life clung to entertainment and light-hearted events with a the vice grip of a body struck heavily with rigor mortis, ironically for dear life instead of the lack thereof.

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Hope Springs - Law and Order Crime Unit


 Deputy Paulson

Found out about murder at the bear bar in barret. Biker chick killed . Some guy in i met in flagstaff told me.He said he heard about it in,beau's bar. Suspicious looking guy . Gave name as John Pettimore. Took pic when him not looking. Think him make up stories. Some truth.Some lie
Have you seen this man



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