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hope springs

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Law of Conflict within the Settlement of Hope Springs


*This has been put on around key locations of Hope springs (Barret manor)  and on select buildings* 


Any violence is the settlement of Hope Springs is frowned upon.

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The arsonist



Well, the bar was still in the same place.

The building was huge, and the fire was not strong enough to cause any real structural damage.. but she heard that one local died in flames, and many were injured including the mechanic Volk.

Entering through the broken door she could see the charred furniture and wrecked pool tables. Broken glass crunching under her feet she walked slowly to the bar, heavy smell of petrol assaulting her brain. She stopped and started to open all the doors and windows to get some air inside.

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Burning all Hope

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Volk ( KO )


(( Sort of a POV.  Khalil got fucked up and falling seven feet on ones face isnt a pretty sight...))


  They say that the ones that hurt you the most are the ones closest to you. Well In my case it was a young man who I sought to comfort in his time of torment.  A kid I believed to be a troubled individual just neeeding some true friends.  


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Little Girl Lost - Part 9 "Flames of Wrath"


~Children are amazingly resilient yet fragile creatures. They can rebound from from horrors that would crush the psyche of most adults with adaptation skills born of the instinct to survive, yet a simple misunderstanding can create havoc.

They have but one need true need, to be loved by family.  To belong somewhere, they have no pre-conceived ideals about how a family should act and look. They do not judge, normalicy is not set in stone for them. 

A Note Is Nailed To The Door...

Of the Hope Springs Newspaper Office.


The Hope Spring Eternal will not be published this week as the editor is away on vacation with her husband.

Please hold all submissions for printing until Ms Bell's return. Out of a desire to remain undisturbed, no forwarding address was given to the Franklins Riders.

Spreading Panic

 ((An article in the New Flagstaff Sentinel))


Hysteria Spreads!

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1:26 PM (Omega Three..., Part 69)


Entry 145
Book 6
Time; The Thirteenth Hour
Date; First week of December, 2158

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Asylum is open again

Just to let everyone know, seeing as the Black Beer Bar has been mostly rebuilt, Wasteland Asylum will be open tonight as usual.

Ashes And Rage

After hammering down the last patch of shingles on the roof of the Black Beer Bar, Jeri uses the back of her hand to wipe the sweat out of her eyes and unknowingly leaves another sooty black streak across her face. Surveying the repairs she has made to the roof, she shakes her head and mutters to herself “It should hold. Guess we will find out next time it rains.” Gathering her tools, she slides down the repaired roof and drops lightly to the surface of the charred veranda. With a snapping sound, the brittle, burned boards give under her left foot.

Hope Springs Eternal, Volume 2 Issue 13

The young woman carefully tiptoes throughout the maze of persons sleeping on her floor and opening the door slips quietly outside into the smoke filled dawn. Shutting the front door as quietly as possible, she moves quietly through the predawn morning towards the newspaper office. Coughing slightly as the smoke and ash lingering in the air irritate her throat, she slips inside and fires up the printing press.

An hour later, she collects a slim stack of freshly printed papers and moves towards the door pausing only to dig a crumpled surgical mask fromt he pocket of her duster and slip it over her face before exiting the building.

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Memories with a Sandwich


(( Memories of the event from my point of view, was a good little scene from out of the blue and thought I would share some of it ))

Cymon sat in the waffle house staring into his mug of coffee, a second mug was pushed out of hands reach. Looking at the second mug then to Issac he glares, but his face changes as Issac places a cold cut sandwich in front of him. As Cymon takes the first bite he begins to replay the events leading up to his meal.

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At the Hope Springs Waffle Warehouse, every Thursday morning following the Wasteland Asylum, from midnight to 2 am EST, all waffles are half price.

Don't settle for another meal of canned peaches. Come have a waffle or a bowl of soup.




 WAFFLE - 50 chips

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At the Hope Springs Waffle Warehouse, every Thursday morning following the Wasteland Asylum, from midnight to 2 am EST, all waffles are half price.

 Don't settle for another meal of canned peaches. Come have a waffle or a bowl of soup.










Happy Thanksgiving From The Hope Springs Eternal

((The following notice is seen posted on the town bulletin board in the town of Hope Springs))

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Waffle - Mania!



At the Hope Springs Waffle Warehouse, every Thursday morning, from midnight to 2 am EST, all waffles are half price.


Don't settle for another meal of canned peaches. Come have a waffle or a bowl of soup.



Hope Springs Eternal Volume 2 Issue 12

Finishes loading up the bike with the latest edition of the newspaper and grabbing her shotgun, she locks the door of the newspaper office behind her and starts her delivery rounds.

As usual, she stops the bike and waits quietly as Old Man Bailey starts off on his morning stroll through the town. Tossing the Bailey's copy of the paper neatly into the flower pot beside their front door, she heads off down the street.

At the Bar she leaves a stack of papers placed neatly in the freshly repaired doorframe and moving on to the Waffle Warehouse she leaves a larger stack there for the patrons to read over their breakfasts.

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Text Version: ((Great idea Henerkin))



Featuring an all new menu, the Waffle Warehouse will be open 24 hours a day starting November 10th.

Come join us for our grand opening. Enjoy warm waffles or griddlecakes with all the sides and fixins with a fresh cup of coffee (while supplies last).

Hope Springs Eternal Volume 2 Issue 11

The young woman brings out the last load of freshly printed newspapers and stores them on her bike. Shivering, crosses her arms and rubs her hands briskly up and down her upper arms to ward off the chill. The nightly wind is chill. Slipping back into the newspaper office, she grabs a long dark gray dusterand slips into it. Reaching into the pockets of the coat, she pulls out a pair of thin leather fingerless gloves and slips those on as well.

As she exits the newspaper office, she grabs the 12 guage shotgun that she always keeps there and slinging it across her back, walks over and gets on her bike. Pausing before she starts the bike, the young woman looks up at the star strewn sky. Its a clear and chilly night. Winter is coming to the desert.

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Wasteland Asylum

Wasteland Asylum


Every Wednesday, the Black Beer Bar in Hope Springs (Barret Manor) becomes Wasteland Asylum! Tune in for the live broadcast and come down for some drinking, dancing, and whatever the hell else might happen. It's called "Asylum" for a reason!

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Wasteland Asylum

Wasteland Asylum!

((would have posted this sooner but couldn't get onto the site))


Hope Springs Eternal Volume 2 Issue 10

AS the young woman finishes loading her bike with the rolled up papers for the morning's delivery, she hears the sound of a car engine coming closer in the predawn darkness. Its an unusual sound to be hearing at this time in the morning and it gets her attention. She pauses before she gets onto her bike and slips back inside the newspaper office. Reaching up, she takes a 12 guage shotgun off the rack near the door and checks to make sure that it's loaded. Reaching ito the box of shells nearby, she fills the pocket of the long gray duster she is wearing against the morning's chill.

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Reavers looking for work.

Reavers have been discussing the idea of two man teams going to each clan, to RP, and basically spend a week with the clan. Basic thought for us was to start trouble, Each clan would be different, each clan would give us their own set of rules they won't tolerate happening. (( IE. Rape, mutilation, The stuff that makes people squirm. )) For example, Aiid could go into NF to start trouble again with the badgers, at the end of the week, they could capture him, jail him, put him on trial, excute him, or study him, whatever that clan would decide to do. If your uncomfortable with the idea, don't sign up... this isn't about forcing our evil RP onto people, it's about making RP that is unique for your character.

If clan wide does not suit your clan, Reavers are usually willing to do evil deeds, we have your villians. Just contact one and speak to them.

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Wasteland Asylum

No poster again this week ((school is killing me))\


Wasteland Asylum is on this week at the usual time. Black Beer Bar in Hope Springs, 6pm PST/9pm EST


Hope Springs Eternal Volume 2 Issue 9

The young woman is roused from a late afternoon nap by a loud knocking at her front door. Taking a moment to put on a surgical mask and gloves, she answers the door and finds one of the Franklins Riders standing outside. Handing her a slim envelope, the rider simply states " Urgent Messages Ms Bell" before getting back on his horse and heading back up the street.

Closing the door, the young woman strips off the mask and gloves and heads into the kitchen. Pouring herself a cold drink, she leans against the counter and opens the envelope.

As she reads, her face loses what little color it had and her mouth firms into a grim line. Putting down the sheaf of messages she murmurs to herself " Looks like the next edition is going to have to go out early".

Grabbing her notes and the recently arrived messages, the young woman head off to the newspaper office. When she arrives, she quickly dons a fresh mask and gloves before settling to her work.

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Wasteland Asylum

New home, new night, same crazy DJ!

Wasteland Asylum presents

A New Hope

Live from Hope Springs!

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Wasteland Asylum changing nights and getting a permanent home

Well folks, with the recent retirement of the other DJs, it seems the week has opened up for those of us who remain. I feel it would be good to keep those shows left spaced out throughout the week, and so I'm going to be doing my broadcasts on Wednesdays starting next week.


Also, I am proud to announce that Wasteland Asylum now has a permanent home in Hope Springs. Every week I'll be at the Black Beer Bar ready to raise hell. Hope you all come check out the event.






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