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hope springs

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Road to Home, Grease Pit

It was the following morning after Jessiah had finally shot Tuki's old car, effectively ending its misery in her opinion. That girl had about driven her car into the ground, leaving Jess to wonder just how she was able to go for as long as it must have in it's poor condition. Either way, Jess pulled a very late night stripping the wreck of the reuseable parts and setting them aside. She'd also spent a few hours into the night digging through the boxes that had arrived from new Flaggstaff, 'donations' as it were from Joe Spivey.

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Road to Home, Hope Springs Garage

Jeassiah eyed the car sitting outside of the garage, resting up against one of the fuel pumps and raised an eyebrow. She was told that Tuki dropped off the car but she was not told that this...thing was her ride. In some ways, just even a cursory glance was telling a lot about the car and the outright neglect it seemed to have, and she hesitated a little to go further, but she knew she needed to know everything that was wrong before she could give an honest estimate of what needed to be done and how much it was going to cost to bring up to minimum standards.

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The Road to Home PT 2


For the most part, it had been several days since the last conversation she'd had with Hyle. One of the very first things after she'd fled from her rpesence was to clear out of the Hostle without a word to anyone, just leaving the keys to the room itself and a small stack of chips. As far as she knew, they didnt actually charge anyone to stay at the hostle, but she felt at that time it was only fair for the length of time she'd occupied to room to herself.

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The Road to Home.


It'd been several hours since She had a talk with Hyle in the small reception room at the Hostle, and Jess found herself more than a little upset by it over all. What Hyle might have thought was apprihension was more like a struggle with emmotions that were at odds with the situation in general, and also with feeling like she was being threatened with being removed from one of the very few places she actually felt comfortable much less safe these days.

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The world’s strongest nurse (Zombies Ate My Neighbors)

Neffie cleans her nails with the knife called “Mora”. She is sitting behind Hyle’s house early in the morning, her tanned brown and freckled face towards the warming sun.

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Hope Springs, AZ - Canyon Province


*Jeassiah sat back in a ancient and often repair relclining chair, the faded an barely readable name of "La y Bo" imprinted on one of the few pieces of leather that actually survived the ages since it was manufactured. She breaths slowly for a moment before plucking at the ribbon that holds closed a hand made book with no title on the cover. She flicks from one page to the next with her grease smudged hands, not seeming to care that some is smeared on the pages she touched until she stops at a blank page.

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Whatever happened to them when Henerkin retired

((These are my alts. I don’t plan on playing them much, but here's what they have been up to while I was gone))


Ratchet Davenport

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Posters around Hope Springs

Public Notice


Contract between town of Hope Springs and Wolfpack mercenary company was renewed.

Wolfpack will now act as part of Hope Springs security. 

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"With Love from Kay"


Hope Springs, yesterday

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Posters around Hope Springs


 Public Notice


Town protection contract between town of Hope Springs, and Wolfpack mercenary company was terminated. 



 Emergency calls will still be answered, at standard prices. For more information contact Reavy.



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Something to do


Hope Springs, Yesterday

As the last days over the last weeks, and since she was back; Shiu headed from Deafall to Hopesprings, directly. She don't know why but the second sector was always calling her while she works around Deadfall and Alpha. Wait. She know why. An old buisness relationship that turned into a friendship that turned into... Wait, this hasn't happened yet.

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Hope Springs, AZ - Passing Time


I sat here today, looking at my own journal, thoughts of other journals I have had in possession, have read not my own. Another than had been in my hands, unread but a promise kept and it is gone to only one can guess where.

And I look at mine again, writing but not writing at the same time.

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Traders Flat, AZ - The Note


Well, yesterday proved interestin ta say the least.

Really, what stand out much ta me was a simple little note. Innocent yee might think were it not for all the other troubles dat seem to abound of late. Slavers, Reavers, Killers, Cops no longer on job, some one attempting ta nab Jade, an so much more...but that note, came ta me.

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Hope Springs, AZ - Broken Promise



One is saddened...nay, more so than that, hurt is better word fer what happen last night.

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Hope Springs, AZ - Ghost


Let me start by saying I think Ghost does not like me. Oh I know, I've been told more than a few times thats just how she is, she is what she is, so on and so forth...but I dont know, something deep down tells me she really does not like me much for some reason or another, maybe more to the point because of Reavy...

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Hope Springs, AZ - Journal Entry



1462 5.56mm rifle rounds

978 .410 shotgun rounds

53 9mm pistol rounds

17 bandages

6 liters regular gasoline

7 repair kits (note to self: find more)

1 vehical repair kit

3.7R Chips various expense (ie..damn expensive mercs...)


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Long Night


Well...another day here in Hope Springs. Have some minor errands to do today, one youngling wish me to take letter to father up in Flag, another wants me to find and bring her friend in from caravan some where on road between here and Flag...sound easy enough, chips not so bad. Should cover cost of gas today and dinner...

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First days in Hope Springs


((first run at wrting like this, is different than what i am used to, please bear with me as all writing based on memory and impression of events...))            ((added note: anyone involved in any rp mentioned more than welcome to add side to this, will write it in as best as I can or just copy it over, though I may not mention most by name due to lack of remembering everyone's name who i may have seen or interacted with))

Three Days ago, New Flagstaff;

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I dare you to come and join us.

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She had never thought about Joe having an apartment. She had never thought of Joe living... anywhere. She had certainly never thought that he could cook.

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The Wastelander : Hope Springs edition


The Wastelander, the well know bar held by Le Cartel

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Still looking for workers.

Hello RPing comunity, as many of you have hear, my friends and I are starting a RP brothel.   Our potential numbers are steadily growing, but we still need more dancers and a few more bouncers/guards. There is no contract for these jobs, all you need to do is show up when available, do your job, and get paid.  Because I will not be giving freestanding contracts, I need ALOT of possible contacts so that there will always be atleast some dancers/guards available when needed.  The work is optional.

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The Risk of Travel ((Seed-2 Event))

Two sisters rushed into the Lifenet facility just outside of Hope Springs.  They looked at each other and knowingly nodded as mischievious grins formed across their faces.  After a brief warcry, one remained and the other activated Lifenet only to arrive in New Flagstaff.


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last update in Hope Springs

  • Opened second floor of saloon in Barrett Manor
  • Added furniture to second floor of saloon in Barrett Manor
  • Opened several buildings in Barrett Manor
  • Added furniture to several buildings in Barrett Manor
  • Removed Gazebo from auctioneer in Barrett Manor

Hope Springs


(( I wanted to send a quick OOC thank you to the clan Hope Springs for the friendly welcome I had while I was there.  Ive decided to create a clan of my own, and hope to see you all in the wastelands!



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DEVIL'S OWN [convoy side event]




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a paper house

(( whatever you read here, burn it from your IC memory. Usually I don't care much about this but since my ex club is mentioned I am quite serious in keeping inner MC deals as a secret.))

*writing is all pretty curves*

Dear Diary,

Stopping at the Sunshine Corners gas station today I noticed a dozen of bikes parked there. A strong smell of "there is something wrong here" getting through the petrol. I rode into town.. real slow.

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Hope Springs/Serenity Falls Trade Convoy

Following the successful first convoy, it has been agreed that the settlements of Hope Springs and Serenity Falls will send shipments of goods to each other on the second Saturday of every month.

Strengthing the bonds between settlements and ensuring mutual prosperity, this convoy will begin at 1pm EST (6pm GMT). Interested parties contact Carol Five, Deuce Sinclair, or Moltrazahn Fallmire.

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Happy Trails (entry 5)



((From the diary of Keith Rawkings))




Galloped like hell outa that shootout. Don’t know, don’t care anymore. Head still hurts from the bullet fragment. Kept going on north ‘til I hit that little town a Hope Springs. I saw a nice lookin’ cornfield nearby, and I thought it might be a nice place to go git drunk. But I remember goin’ on up to the edge a that field and seeing a strange site.

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Highway to Hell - vehicle combat

(( Boring OOC ahead - read and add proposals if you like.


 Admit it - post-Apocalyptic cities have become far more dangerous than the wasteland roads. 


>> Shocking!! :  Recent pools reveal that people are 14 times more likely to suffer an accident in the city than on the open road. Well this is about to change with this proposal for vehicle fighting to add more trouble on the road.
Read on and add what you like:


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