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Fallen Earth

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Regarding Crossover RP (Secret World/Fallen Earth)

Editied as of March 2nd...
The following is a rough draft of the schedule that multiple people can attend and participate or share information with me regarding this crossover;

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Extreme Pizza Delivery

(( The following is a Crossover work between Secret World and Fallen Earth, at the request of a few players from both sides. Writing is influenced by Mood setting music and a few days of Twitter conversations, Discord Dances and PMs in my inbox. Yes, you can blame Canni.

Music; https://youtu.be/A8N0vzUgGhA ))

Location; Oilville, Nevada
Local Perceived Date and Time; 2/20/2165

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Join the Fallen Earth PTS on Thursday! Get Reward Points!

In case supporting the game wasn't enough, if you log on for long enough and help test, you get reward points! Instructions below:


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Six-String Memories: As Daylight Dies

Those twilight hours, the sun's golden-orange halo crept at the edge of the horizon, Kristo's Rest was on edge. A recent group of deserters from various factions had stopped in, and they were intent on making a new beginning. Though it was more than certain that the leaf they'd turn over would be a blood-stained one, with chips involved no less. They shot their guns into the air, drank themselves into stupors, and harassed more than a few of those who call Kristo's Rest a stopover between destinations.

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Six-String Memories: Afternoon For Fellowship

Today was a hot day. Despite the puffs of grey-tone clouds overhead there was little to keep out of the heat, little other than to retreat to the nearby bar. Kristo's Rest had it's usual stink in the air, the earthy smell of the trees and forest around it, though made into a stink by the surplus of rotters that roamed. The afternoon was seeing a mild return of the usual Riders into the bar, it was only natural a local celebrity like the musician would appear.



After a pretty decent turn out and a show of support I had planned to bring this event back before now. But due to some Chota issues and a kidnapping I kept haveing to push it back. Well folks, Everyone Please welcome Fight Club Party Event 2!!!



Monday June 6th, 9pm Est, The Outlanders are hosting an Event at the Future spot of the progress town near New Flag.


Fights will take place on the top of the parking garage.

No buffs, no heals, no armor, no weapons.

Brackets will be typical blood sports brackets 5-10,11-19,20-29,30-39,40-49, 50.

The winners of each bracket will receive prizes.


After the bracket fighting we will have an open challenge battle (if you challenge a person they do not have to accept the fight).


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Fallen Earth Fan Art

Hey there ya'll,

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State of the Game October

(A clanmate couldn't read this so, I copy and paste it here for all the others that had trouble reading it)

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