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Reavers looking for work.

The Reavers are still around, and as always we are looking for work. If you are in need of an evil character for a plot line, story, story arc, or whatever you may need us for; send a tell/mail to Aiidoneus, Ogma, Mudscat, Aulwrak Blackclaw, or Indigo Flayme. All of those characters are officers within the Reavers and are still very active.

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HappyTrails (entry 13)


((from the diary of Keith Rawkings))

Man I am bushed! And speakin' a bush... What a night.
I don' got me some good dancin' practice with tha ladies last night at this party in New Flagstaff. Hosted by none other than tha Zombie King.  He don't look much like a zombie. More like in a trance. Good tunes though, so I aint complainin'.

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Random of Keith Rawkings



((A small yellowed scrap of paper with a checklist. The list can be found taped to the inner front lining of Keith Rawkings jacket.))




People will smoke grass with me:




Mr Jax: Definitely


Mr Cornelius: Definitely not!


Lost Bride: maybe,((<this word is then crossed out)) probably((<this one too)), yes, I think so.



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Cooking with Class (4) - Eva's Journey


Eva floated, face toward the sky, wearing nothing but a bra and panties. She smiled to herself as she looked up at the night sky. So much had changed in the last few days.

He loved her. Of that she was certain, even though he had never actually said it. He would only state that he adored her. But it was enough.

The roller coaster they traveled to simply get there had been great.

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The Empty Serynge III


Oilville rang with the sound of people. Every once in a while, the gates would open and more people would ride or drive in to do whatever business they had in the small town. The sound of their footsteps, voice and work filled the air and gave the town a busy sort of enviroment. However, Exneal payed no attention to it. He merely sat on the steps of one of the shops, watching everyone who passed by for a moment. There were no people with masks in the town as of yet and Exneal was beggining to wonder if they only operated inside Traveler towns.

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Cooking with Class (2) - Eva's Journey


Eva yawned and stretched, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. Her makeshift camp was on the edge of town. She prefered being out in the open, although it made her more vulnerable. But....something would happen whether she had her back to a wall or not. Unexpected things always did.

Speaking of unexpected things...

She still wasn't sure what to make of Exneal. Junkie....she knew that. She'd seen them before. She'd see them again. It was the nature of her job as a Cook and Dealer meant she dealt with junkies on a fairly regular basis. She often pitied them, but he hadn't reached that stage yet. And that made her smile....and was part of the reason he confused her.

He was a Traveler and had gotten himself, and her now, into some rather deep shit, but she coulda done that herself and didn't hold it against him. She thought it was kinda cute how he got all worried that she'd get hurt. And how he protected the dead body of his friend from being looted.

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The Empty Serynge II

In a far not far away from Depot 66, there is a wall. On that wall, several skulls are placed without any particular order or formation. They decorate a door that leads inside to the small house that holds the inhabitants of the farm. Since a year ago, one of these inhabitants was Exneal. He stared at the skulls with a frown, not really seeing them, but not being able to see anything else either. His mind raced to the masks those Travelers were wearing. They were neat and clean procelain masks. The kind one would find in a novel-worthy ball or dance party.

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The Empty Serynge I

The sky was the same endless blue as always, decorated with the usual small clouds that moved at a painfully slow pace. It was the perfect backround for a usual day at Depot 66. The usual thugs were trying to sneak into the city, the merchants were bartering with wanderers and the scavengers were as loud as always about their findings.


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