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In the night, something is screaming


((Edgar Cayce : "Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions." ))

Deadfall, an empty house

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OOC : Special Project; Dreams Wanted, details within...

So thanks to the incredibly ingenious idea a particular player had in Entry 86, Ardenn's path in Fallen Earth has changed substantially over the last 6 weeks, of which I am only just getting to writing down because of how deeply involved some players got into the current story arch that I'm working on within Book 7.

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"As The Tumble Weed Rolls," chapter 1.



A knock at the door to the bar… 


A massive headache. ..


Men in black suits and dark sunglasses…


There’s a job. What was the job? What the hell was the job?


The man in the white labcoat…


“LifeCycle program”


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10:28 AM (Dreams,.... Part 71)


Entry 148
Book 6
Time; Early Morning
Date; December 19th, 2158

Tried to attend the Rack, had made Mohawk promise to dance and laugh again and stop worrying so much. Wanted to be there to laugh with her again. Had to go in disguise though, act like someone else. Got Nemo to cover me but within five, maybe ten minutes he decided we were drawing too much attention and pulled me out of there.

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1:26 PM (Omega Three..., Part 69)


Entry 145
Book 6
Time; The Thirteenth Hour
Date; First week of December, 2158

Tony's Daisy


Tony’s Daisy


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