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Devon Township

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Eric's Logs #7


August 4th, 2161 - Credit Bend Motel

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Hope Springs, AZ - Journal Entry



1462 5.56mm rifle rounds

978 .410 shotgun rounds

53 9mm pistol rounds

17 bandages

6 liters regular gasoline

7 repair kits (note to self: find more)

1 vehical repair kit

3.7R Chips various expense (ie..damn expensive mercs...)


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Serenity Falls Chili Cook Off

Serenity Falls Chili Cook Off!


In celebration of the opening of the Waffle Warehouse in Serenity Falls (Devon Township), there will be a chili cook off! Come enjoy the food, enter your own recipe, win prizes!

Saturday, Januray 7th



Contest Rules:

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Serenity Falls founded.

The sounds of activity echo through the deserted streets of Devon Township, known as Despair Springs until the El Diablos massacred the settlement. One of the locals had found something useful in the canyon to the west. Rumors of silver have begun to trickle through the sector, many have come to investigate. They find a new community growing, calling itself Serenity Falls after the location of their new prosperity. New signs mark buildings through old town, marking business and employment opportunities. "Miners Wanted" here, "Geologists inquire within" there.The structures are in fair shape, for the most part. Bandits and ghosts of memories have kept it empty for too long. Now the silver draws them in, like moths to the flame.

Despair Springs first ever Danse Macabre (Event time moved to next week)

(( Party Rescheduled for the 19th. See you next week ))


((For those who don't know where Despair Springs is, it is just down the road from Hope Springs. On the map it is labelled as "Devon Township". The cemetary is part of the "safe" part of town on the south side. The north/north-east side of town is crawling with Devil's Own as I discovered the hard way))

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