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When claws are not so sharp


Houses do not usually talk. Veronica knew this. She jumped out of the buggy again, looked back to the house hidden in the darkness and listened. Nothing. Just the wind. Veronica was about to get back into the buggy when she heard it again.


It was not the wind. It was a voice.

'Help me. Please. I can hear you out there,' the voice called again from the house.

'Hallo?' Veronica called in reply. 'Is anyone there?'

'Over here,' returned the voice. 'The house. Inside the house.'

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Seasonal Meetings - Part 3


The large man in red with the white beard stopped the bike a short distance from the house so noise would not awaken people. He had business with one only, there was no need to involve others. As he approached the house he looked at it. It was unusually intact. No sound was heard from it. He tried to open the door. It was locked. A strange circle of spikey leaf and red berries was upon the door. He tried the windows. All locked. He did not want to break the glass. He looked up. There was another way in.

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Seasonal Meetings - Part 2


Harry was just finishing his drink, his third of the evening at the festive Party. He examined the empty glass. Not bad for a hot bar drink. The barman had told him it was something called Gluevine or something like that, probably some sort of strange foreign drink from days before the Fall. He was not sure why it had to have glue added but it certainly tasted good.

'Hey Harry!' somebody behind him said.

Harry turned around, the novelty antlers on his head wobbling slightly.

'What is it?' he asked his friend.

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Seasonal Meetings - Part 1


The Graham examined the hat with curiosity. It was a strange item, certainly too small to be of any use. The odd cone shape was bright and shiny with a frilly ball at the top and a band tied to either side of the hat. He turned it around in his hands for a few seconds and then placed it on to his head, the band under his chin. He peered to himself at a reflection in the glass of a nearby cabinet. He looked...

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[OOC] Merry Christmas to everyone !


I hope you ate and drank plenty of good things ! Merry Christmas !

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