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I Got Those Forced Adoption Blues


Joe was sitting in a quiet corner of his favourite watering hole when the door opened and Tukiko Troy stepped across the threshold. Joe looked up from his suds. Tuki appeared a tad annoyed about something and possesed of a certain Hyle-like determination in her demeanor that made Joe think that genetic traits might, in fact, be contageous after all. Sighing, Joe put the glass back down on the wet, mug-ringed tabletop as Tuki marched across the sawdust strewn floor towards his little haven. "Here we go." He muttered under his breath.

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Reducing Overheads (epilogue)

The posters had been up for some hours now and Joe needed a drink.

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Reducing Overheads (part 2)

((The following poster pops up in all the usual places... New Flag, Hope, Serenity))

Adop Post

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Reducing Overheads


Joe stood at the sink in his grubby apartment looking at his reflection in the cracked and damp-damaged mirror on the wall. He rubbed his stubbled chin, frowning. He had an important thing to do today and he wanted to make a good impression... but a shave... on a weekday? Instead, he splashed water over his face and rubbed a nicotine stained finger over his equally nicotine stained teeth . There, sorted.

Twenty minutes later he stood outside the Union Headquarters in New Flagstaff. He felt uncomfortable as he looked up at the forbidding ediface, this was not a Joe type of place. Too many nosy buggers wanting to ask questions about things he would rather not have questions asked about. Still, it had to be done. Slipping awkwardly into his 'Honest Citizen' persona, Joe strode confidently towards the doors.

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