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Red Zone

Rules: None.

Instructions: Type "/pvp" into chat.

Goal: Survive. 


Mruzz 6 years 3 months ago Subscribe to group
Ordo Veritatis

((Ok so this is OoC and IC ))

We are a knightly order who have adapted to the harsh enviroment of the wastes, seeing the corruption that surrounds everyday life.
Bandits, slavers, maruarders, mutants, abomanations and sorse plague the lands, innocent people live their...

Jason19919 6 years 4 months ago Request group membership

Oathtakers - A sect of the CHOTA only concerned with destroying the...

Mruzz 6 years 3 months ago Request group membership

Welcome to the Moderator's group!

Reaper 9 years 1 month ago This is a closed group. Only a group administrator can add you.
Legends of the Fall

Legends of the Fall is a multi-faction social clan.  We enjoy RP, Crafting, PvE and hosting community events together.  Our lore is based around clans having a greater importance in our lives than factions.  After all, we are clones that just popped into this world, we weren't...

Tee VanCleef 8 years 9 months ago Request group membership
Kingdom of Lirion [RP]

(( Welcome to the Kingdom of Lirion, a new kind of RP experience! ))
(( At least, that's what we're telling people... ;) ))


Magnus Aeternus 7 years 4 weeks ago Request group membership

Welcome to the group page of the Invicta Motorcycle Club: Grand Canyon Province Chapter!  We are a CHOTA-focused clan that allows any factions except those oppressive Enforcers!

Reaper 9 years 1 month ago Subscribe to group
Ignore this John Rose 6 years 12 months ago Request group membership
Hope Springs

Hope Springs is an all faction clan that wil operate as a community based out of the town Needle Eye. It is a mature clan (18+ yrs.) for casual players, new players and veterans...

Madison Hayes 8 years 7 months ago Request group membership
Fall of the Legends (Badgers)



-Help Wanted-

The Badgers are always seeking like-minded individuals to help ensure the safety and protection of all individuals who live...

Rowdy Warpath 8 years 1 week ago Request group membership


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