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Shadow Raven Operations (S.R.V.O.)

                               Shadow Raven Operations


Archer 8 years 7 months ago Request group membership
Tech of the Wasteland

TW is a crafting group for Techs and future techs so if u are going to join Tech then join TW,

We got a Clan named Tech of the Wasteland, PM Bigboss Mgsse

Bigboss Mgsse 7 years 3 weeks ago Request group membership
47th Continoman Expeditionary Force
Cavadus 8 years 12 months ago Request group membership
Serenity Falls

Serenity Falls [RP] is a roleplay community based in Devon Township. Silver deposits have recently been uncovered nearby the abandoned town of Despair Springs. People from all over the canyon have begun resettling the area taking the name from the site of its new...

Deuce Sinclair 7 years 5 months ago Request group membership
Zero Locus

Walking from the ashes of The Shop come wanderers. Those cast away in the wasteland, those without home, the...

Dion Zemoch 8 years 11 months ago Request group membership
Survivors Refuge

Welcome to the official Survivors Refuge clan page, maintained by Ella Clinton.

Ella C 1 year 6 months ago Request group membership


1. To post a PRIVATE gossip visible only to members use CREATE >>> BOOK PAGE >>> make a post >>> ...

Engel 5 years 12 months ago This is a closed group. Only a group administrator can add you.
Callahan's Wild Cards

Callahan's Wild Cards is a cross-faction Mercenary Outfit. A band of soldiers of any calling, who are willing to put aside factional differences, and grow as a team. Our mission statement is to show the Province that men and women from any faction are capable of fighting under the same flag, for...

Frances Callahan 5 years 5 months ago Request group membership
Dogz of War



Now recruiting RPers who are striving to make Fallen Earth a better place to be in.


We are CHOTA..We also accept Travelers and Vista on merit


RP Clan with PVP at times.

Ironcrow 6 years 2 months ago Request group membership
Ordo Veritatis

((Ok so this is OoC and IC ))

We are a knightly order who have adapted to the harsh enviroment of the wastes, seeing the corruption that surrounds everyday life.
Bandits, slavers, maruarders, mutants, abomanations and sorse plague the lands, innocent people live their...

Jason19919 6 years 3 months ago Request group membership


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