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47th Continoman Expeditionary Force
Cavadus 9 years 3 weeks ago Request group membership


1. To post a PRIVATE gossip visible only to members use CREATE >>> BOOK PAGE >>> make a post >>> ...

Engel 6 years 3 weeks ago This is a closed group. Only a group administrator can add you.
Callahan's Wild Cards

Callahan's Wild Cards is a cross-faction Mercenary Outfit. A band of soldiers of any calling, who are willing to put aside factional differences, and grow as a team. Our mission statement is to show the Province that men and women from any faction are capable of fighting under the same flag, for...

Frances Callahan 5 years 6 months ago Request group membership
Dogz of War



Now recruiting RPers who are striving to make Fallen Earth a better place to be in.


We are CHOTA..We also accept Travelers and Vista on merit


RP Clan with PVP at times.

Ironcrow 6 years 3 months ago Request group membership
Fall of the Legends (Badgers)



-Help Wanted-

The Badgers are always seeking like-minded individuals to help ensure the safety and protection of all individuals who live...

Rowdy Warpath 8 years 4 days ago Request group membership
Hope Springs

Hope Springs is an all faction clan that wil operate as a community based out of the town Needle Eye. It is a mature clan (18+ yrs.) for casual players, new players and veterans...

Madison Hayes 8 years 7 months ago Request group membership
Ignore this John Rose 6 years 11 months ago Request group membership

Welcome to the group page of the Invicta Motorcycle Club: Grand Canyon Province Chapter!  We are a CHOTA-focused clan that allows any factions except those oppressive Enforcers!

Reaper 9 years 3 weeks ago Subscribe to group
Kingdom of Lirion [RP]

(( Welcome to the Kingdom of Lirion, a new kind of RP experience! ))
(( At least, that's what we're telling people... ;) ))


Magnus Aeternus 7 years 3 weeks ago Request group membership
Legends of the Fall

Legends of the Fall is a multi-faction social clan.  We enjoy RP, Crafting, PvE and hosting community events together.  Our lore is based around clans having a greater importance in our lives than factions.  After all, we are clones that just popped into this world, we weren't...

Tee VanCleef 8 years 9 months ago Request group membership


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