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Regarding Crossover RP (Secret World/Fallen Earth)

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Editied as of March 2nd...
The following is a rough draft of the schedule that multiple people can attend and participate or share information with me regarding this crossover;

Feb 25th; Ardenn will approach the Director of the Kusanagi Inititive to try and discourage agents from signing up for a dangerous mission.
(It has been pre-scripted that Ardenn will probably fail to get the mission canceled, but we're doing work that day to figure out who from the SWL side actually want to downlaod and play Fallen Earth with us.)

Feb 27th; Ardenn will be at the Reapers Flask looking for more information.
(This will be a good day for the Fallen earth side of players to communciate questions or concerns both IC and OOCly so we can prepare more for visitors.)

March 10th; Ardenn will be debreifing and acclimating the few agents who insisted on helping him.
(This is a tenitive date set for introducing SWL players to the characetr creator, dressing the part, and potentially gettign bikes to travel with)

March 13th; Reapers Flask
(I dont know how things are going to progress quite yet but Ardenn will be there our of obligation to Kay's requests. Most the SWL players work on weekdays.)

March 17th; The Actual Mission
(While it has a long lead up before any of us actually get to do anything, this is largely aimed at the fact that I expect the other players to need time to adapt and prepare arouns their already busy work and gaming schedules. Hopefully this post will help people prepare for future engagements and we can actually get a lot of shit done this particular day.)

If you have any questions or comments, please post here and I'll handle them as I can.

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(Wish I could help you with any part of this you'd like, but I am currently out to sea with my new job. I dont expect to be home for several more months at the least. Good to see you about again.

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As it currently stands, the primary effort to find Canni will be on the 10th. The 17th is being set up as a possible secondary date if we cant get our main objectives done on the 10th.

The Secret World players badly want to see Alpha but dont have the time to level up and play the game properly, so this leg of the mission might be abandond for some time later weeks or months down the line.

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