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Posters around Hope Springs

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 Public Notice


Town protection contract between town of Hope Springs, and Wolfpack mercenary company was terminated. 



 Emergency calls will still be answered, at standard prices. For more information contact Reavy.



Town security will be assisted by Civil Protection Agency, until Hope Security team is established.



 Applications for Hope Springs security team send to Gina Keyes.




Reavy, Wolfpack



Postscript: We will still respond in cases of major threat, or to hostile takeover attempts.

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(( May God help me


"Neutrality at it's best."

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"The future ain't what it used to be."


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*Shiu took one of the posters that was tied to a pole in Hope springs, she nodded for herself. it seems that the person she was thinking was growing deeper into Hope. First meeting was done, time for action will be to come*

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( What happened in Hope? Seriously. HS is like the starting point of role play. Is there something we should know or maybe better keep it out of forums so they don't get on fire? )

- this comment was brought to you by Oilville Primo™ -

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(( I happened! :D ))

( Well I didn't intend for anything to happen if it has. Gina has been a great asset to the Doc and he promoted her to council member and then to deputy mayor not long ago. He's given her charges and things to do to free up his time for other things. My idea was to have the security issues be seen to by WP but go to Gina instead of the Doc for issues due to my wildly fluctuating work schedule. So I do really hope that there were no feelings hurt ooc. )

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