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Used to roleplay here back in like 2011-12ish alot when I was just a little pup in RP, learned quite a bit in the while I did play (I remember you Saera and Aggression!). But yeah, I'm looking to get back into FERP, I need some apocalyptic RP in my life again.

Anyway, I been popping around every now and then to see how the RP is doing and been interested in coming back Fallen Earth for some roleplay again, probably with a new character though, Dan's pretty shitty imo. So, how's the RP community doing now-a-days? Last time I played it was practically dying, couldn't find RP anywhere, I hope thats changed now? Atleast it seems a little more active than last time. I was in Shadow Raven PMC (I think that was the name) but I'm just gonna assume that none of them are around anymore ;p

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Welcome back Daniel! You were apart of Shadow Raven? We're still around, just not in FE as much anymore. If you want to talk with us, go ahead and shoot me a PM on the forums, I'll get you set up :)


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