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Hi All

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Hey all sorry kinda new to this game though i hear its dead or dieing. anyways i'm looking for somewhere to roleplay while i wait for my new laptop to come later this week. nothing to heavy just some light roleplay to get me back into form ya know ? i used roleplay heavily on star trek online but soon got bored of the futuristic easy life of it want something with a bit of challenge and breadth for roleplay. after googling what games people roleplay on mostly fallen earth popped up a few times. 


Though judging from these forums my hopes have kinda dwindled into thinking its become a very small community but if anyone's still around on this game wouldn't mind doing some rp getting to know one another on some form of quest or something i'd be up for it. As for myself i'm Ricky, A 27 year old roleplayer who has done it for ages but quit it for awhile and it quite out of shape when it comes to using my imagination again. I'm mainly looking to get to grips with roleplay again and get involved with interesting lively roleplay. once my new laptop comes it will probably mean i will be on GTA V servers roleplaying since they seem like the liveliest roleplay scene currently judging from streamers. 


Anyways if anyone wants to chat hit me up and we'll arrange something be it night or day etc can even get voice added on a discord or w.e device you wish to use etc. thanks for reading

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Hi and welcome to this forum. 

I hope you are able to find someone to rp with. This game presents some very nice pillars to start off rp.


I've seen several people expressing a desire to find rp, and I would love to find an active role-playing online game myself. But it strikes me as tricky.


I will keep my eye on this post, and see if anyone can provide something interesting :-D 

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Hi! I hope you like FERP. We are from many different countries and timezones. Some go in and out of the game, but here you will find our stories many write. What is your character name in the game?

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