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I'm really new to Fallen Earth, but I have been doing RP for years. I'm looking for some company to play the game with, I guess. On top of getting to know the RP scene here, ofcourse! :D


So if there are folks that don't mind a newbie like myself intruding their -obviously highly advanced- headquarters, leave a msg here or contact my character in-game; Bloodydoll.  Yes, I know the name is very OOC. But I hadn't found out about the RP here yet, back when I made her. :c

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To be fair, Bloody Doll sounds like a great CHOTA name :P

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*pushes aside* i seens her first! she is my new friend! *steals op*

Just a boy making his way around the wasteland!


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Aventea, Drop! No! Bad B... Gi... whatever you are. Bad! *Rescues OP and gives her a good disinfecting*

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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*pokes Aventae*

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Y'all are adorable.


Bloodydoll is and always will be mine. *creeps*


(In all seriousness I'm looking for a place too, I'd follow her to the ends of the earth.)

Praise it.

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I think the name was already a hit (I love it too). 

Welcome to this odd little family.

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I'll be sure to keep an eye out for you. It's always nice to meet new faces. Have fun in the wastes!

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Welcome to FERP! I will pass the information to my cland and hopefully some of them will be able to contact you and offer help if they see you online. One thing that could be useful is to say your general timezone.

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Hey ;x

Didn't have the time to be online last weekend. Didn't expect so many messages, haha! I'm dutch so my time is gmt +2, iirc. (central europe time) 

Ohh, and I couldn't find any lore? (i'm probably blind..)

(Ps; think i'll go chota if the name fits haha :p)

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Welcome :-) 

If you need low level gear or help, feel free to ask.

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/e waves "Hi! Wellcome to FERP"

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Bah. I'm sorry to say that whilst the RP in this game seems truly amazing to me, I just don't have the time to get through the levels.. :( I wasn't made for endless farms, sadly. At this point i'm not sure wether I will continue or not. Taken that most, if not all, RP is done with the max levels, and I haven't been able to RP once so far..

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Most of the RP is done in S2. If you can get up to S2 and you are not concerned about leveling up then it is not a problem. If required, I am sure an escort up to S2 can be arranged if you do not want to attempt the perils of the journey alone. BTW, there are plenty of low level characters who are just in S2 for the RP, and I'm talking under level ten here, often well under :D

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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Most of the rp has usually been in lower level areas like s1 an s2.

On tuesdays check out oilville, the rooftop right across from the diner.

Saturday is when Hyle has something going in Sector 2 and there is a fast travel that lower levels can use once you have visited once.

The Ride will be on the 30th and will probably have quite a few people. 

There is no reason you have to go on a grindfest, take your time and check out what it has to offer, hit up the chat box now an then and ask if anyone is in game and for character names to add to your friends list.

Feel free to add my crafter Sang, and my shady Trav, Nisha Samara. No doubt aside from myself there are others that would be too happy to assist you with needed gear.

Unfortunately I cannot offer Canni as she is currently unavailable in FE at the moment.


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