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The Risk of Travel ((Seed-2 Event))

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Two sisters rushed into the Lifenet facility just outside of Hope Springs.  They looked at each other and knowingly nodded as mischievious grins formed across their faces.  After a brief warcry, one remained and the other activated Lifenet only to arrive in New Flagstaff.


Over their radios, heavy and anticipatory breathing, "You ready, Sister?".  The other, "Just give me a countdown." as she lets out a labored cough.  "On go.  Activating.. Three.. Two.. One..     GO!!"  A resounding blast is heard in each city.  Spores from the Seed-2 virus now coat the surfaces of both Lifenets. "..*coughing* That was fun!!" .. "Nothing like a girl's *crippling coughing and groaning* night out!".  The two waited in ther respective locations for a few moments, hoping to get at least a small taste of the fruits of their labor-each smirking and waving as a handful of clones pass through the facilities. "Meet you at The Spot, Sister?" .. "Already on my way." .. Tires screech.. dust flies as the two women make their way to an unknown rendezvous.


Seed-2 spores now cover the insides of the Lifenet facilities at New Flagstaff and Hope Springs, lying in wait for the unknowing to invite them in.

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((GREAT WRITE UP! was a blast to plan this and then see it pulled off with out a hitch! great fun thanks sister!))


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((hate to be the douchey devils advocate, but, how did the one who went to NF carry anything with her like a virus canister?))

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((Same way they go through wearing clothes or carrying weapons.))


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((yeah we are probably going to differ on how this all happens. Its why I use that cloner rarely IC.))

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(( Oh Hat - Sis. I'm so going to have to kil... er aggressivly advise you. ))

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Cymon's head explodes violently (X.X)**~

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((Great fun!  I'm looking forward to more antics from these two!))


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((*giggles and tacklehugs her new sister-in-law* O.O


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*runs into a LifeNet bunker in New Flagstaff and breathes in invisible spores. Her eyes drop down on a small bent piece of metal on the ground. She picks it up and examines it: "Funny... I remember making this hand grenade lever recently..."

"There was a girl, a girl named Lost. Her eyes, they were like frost" - from the infernal journal of Zane Gore

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((Hopefully we never take the FT's IC :P))

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(When Caine is away the Reavers Dance..Oh well*takes the guns and heads to find some Reavers for Ole time El Classico kickassery....Vexy ooo Vexy where are thou?...No vexy*sniffs* oh welp will find new flesh to tenderize)


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(( *is also a Reaver again* ))


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((yeah go Jihad on me again bro, good ol grenade bar explosions...*dreamly sighs*



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(YESYES! i need some more faces to add to my jacket!)


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