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New Posts?


For some reason I only see new posts when I look directly into forum sections, I can,t see if there are new posts within a section by simply looking at the Forum as a whole. Well.. I couldn't today, anyway. I think I could at some point. But not always and not everywhere. Kinda weird.

Okay I just figured it out....

The Forum only tells us if there's new Topics!

Is it possible it tells us if there's new Posts instead?

The llama's called. They want their drama back.

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New forum topics appear in the 'New Forum Topics' block.  _All_ comments, whether in forum topics or blog posts or whatever appear in 'Recent Comments'.  Forum topics that have been recently replied to show up in the 'Active Forum Topics' block.

If you click on the individual forum, you can see which topics have new replies.  You can also view what's going on with all content by clicking the 'post tracker' link at the top left.

Is that what you were looking for?  Or am I misunderstanding?

I'm not sure if you misunderstood me or if I'm misunderstanding you now. ^^;

I noticed the Recent Comments and New Forum Topics block... I just don't find them all that useful, personally. Maybe it's just me. Recent Comments seems to give the first few words of the post instead of the thread title, for one.. so I never know if they're related to any thread I'm interestted in, for example.

On most forums, when you look at the forum itself, you can see if there's New Posts (as opposed to just New Topics), so then you can look and then you can see where those New Posts are, instead of having to go through each of them individuall, just in case. Or to go through each Recent Post individually.

Maybe most people here like it better how it is now, to me it's just different from other forums I'm used to.

The llama's called. They want their drama back.

I think I understand what you are asking about, Jen, and I asked Reaper the same thing. The answer is that to have 'New' show up on the forums list requires an extra "module" and when one adds that in, it slows the website. We have it on the Invicta forums and that site is noticeably slower to load than this one.

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Yah, I understand now... if I can get the problem with the site slowness sorted out, I'll try to get things set up so that its easier to see what's been replied to.

Ooohhh I see.

Okay then!

The llama's called. They want their drama back.

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