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Whatever happened to them when Henerkin retired

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((These are my alts. I don’t plan on playing them much, but here's what they have been up to while I was gone))


Ratchet Davenport

The Mechanic who was hired by the Travelers to put Black Sunshine back in shape when Henerkin got nuked in Boneclaw. He was forever grateful and was secretly protecting him and his garage before he retired. Not long after, feeling Hope Springs wasn't a place for him anymore when it started having constant problems with raiders, plagues and fires, he wanted to follow Henerkin in Park City but there ain't no way he was gonna live with ghosts. Tannersfield was the best compromise and they had a nice garage there that needed a mechanic and wasn't too far from Henerkin in case of trouble. He's still very much into shotgun as well and rumours say Harley Warhall and Rabbi Bloodstein pay him a visit once in a while to restock on ammo.


 Mogy Proxy

He used to be Henerkin’s partner in crime and accountant in their Gunrunning operation, as well as his best friend despite their constant bickering that often suggested otherwise. He moved to Tanners too because he couldn’t stand living with ghosts. He's the accountant and bodyguard for the garage. Him too paid his dues with the Travelers and is now free from their contract. Him and Ratchet had an arrangement for Henerkin to use the garage in down times and they all get a share of the vehicles and various things he revamps and sells.


Jesco Wylde

One of the few who went through every ranks in ISMC  from Prospect to President. He was one of the founders of that Club but his biker life met its end when he finally got taken by the law. This psychopath  resides under maximum security in an unknown Enforcer prison with a note to never be released.


Harley Warhall

The infamous CHOTA with a Shotgun.  A few people has seen him roaming around with his shotgun. It's not clear what he is trying to achieve but he shot a lot of people within the last few years.  Mostly people who forced their power onto others, regardless of their factions. Recently he partnered up with Rabbi Bloodstein to battle a common enemy. 


Rabbi Bloodstein

Started his own crusade against the Judges after his business ended with Henerkin. He found some peace and relief from this harsh world by shooting these zealots in the face. I think he witnessed too many innocent town folks get burned and tortured by them, it made him take the matter into his own hands. He's currently working toward the eradication of the Judges with Harley Warhall.


Duke Franklyn

Lone drifter who travels the wastelands alone in search of criminals to bring them to justice. But justice often gets served with the barrel of a gun.


Spike Random

Shot in the face by Duke Franklyn for the random murder of a farmer family.


Sheriff Hawkins


Was last seen with his dog in Oddenville, talking to him for hours like it was another human listening. He seems to have gone completely senile.

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(( Thank you for confirming the presence of Ghosts in FE. :P

Next person who accuses me of adding fantasy elements to the game gets a punch in the teeth. >.> ))

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((They seem to have gone silent around the lake but I heard them some places else before in Park City. maybe they move around but they are definitely there, I havent made it up. Maybe what inspired the Devs was the Ghost stories around the RL Prak City in Utah))

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(( I think I heard them the more when ducking between the towers, though now they're keeps instead. I ran aroudn the lake again a few days ago and didnt pick up on any either, but I havnt been inside the town since the enfo zerg started going nuts and flipping it back and forth between the Techs. ))

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“I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends”

[ Interesting to see where all those folks ended up over the years. Nice to see life goes on. ]

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Nice SIG!


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(( Thank you, I did the render. :P ))

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